My Celebrator
My Celebrator

…And I Did!

The Celebrator is a clever, discreet head which attaches easily to any toothbrush with Oral B type connection. It is totally inconspicuous if placed along with your toothbrush in your luggage nobody would guess that it wasn’t for cleaning your teeth. Therefore a great toy to take away with you on your holidays or a trip.

This little gem isn’t expensive either, I believe that it retails for just £8.95 for a pack of three phthalate free heads. So you can replace them as you need without incurring huge replacement costs. 🙂

They are also retailing a battery powered motor driver for the heads which has two speeds 46,000 or 96,000 oscillations per minute. My toothbrush has just one speed but I wasn’t going to let that put me off. Lol

My clitoral orgasms are toe curling and very intense and I decided to try the My Celebrator out after a very bad day at the office. If this toy managed to uncoil me and make me cum then it would work for any girl. Right!

It had been a hot and humid day at our non air conditioned offices and when I got home the first thing I did was to power on the shower and remove all my clothes. I tossed them on to the chair, they would be dealt with later. I had driven home thinking about bringing myself off with my new toy and no clothes were going to hold me back.

Well, one thing did stop me from getting straight in to the shower, my cat. He meowed me in to submission as I closed the bedroom curtains as I wrapped my bathrobe around me, then I made my way to the kitchen to put some food out for him.

With determination I ran back upstairs, cast off my robe and stepped in to the shower. The water eased away some of the tension from my body and as I towelled myself dry I couldn’t stop thinking about my toothbrush attachment on my bedside drawers in its individual wrapper.

Alex was going to be a little late as he was finishing off a job for a client, so what else can a girl do but find something to entertain herself. 😉

I ripped open the wrapper and placed the head on to my toothbrush, it slipped on snugly. Wrapping my hair in the towel I slipped on top of the covers. It was too warm to bother with clothes and after all who would see me.

Reclining back on to my pillow I spread my legs and pressed the “On” button on my toothbrush. It was a little noisy but I believe the motor driver which is retailed for use with the heads is very quiet. Never mind I persevered on in my relentless quest to bring you all tried and tested reviews. 😉

I placed the vibrating head over my clitoris and immediately felt the effect of its power. My clit was sent in to an electrified vibratory heaven. My nerve endings were firing rapidly and the effect was intense pleasure.

I have used many clitoral stimulating toys over the years I have been reviewing sex toys and have found that they usually require a slight hand movement to work to their full potential. Not so with the My Celebrator, this benefits from being kept still, the vibrations are enough on their own without the manual movement over the clit.

Within seconds I was arching my back and pushing my right foot in to the top of my left. Before my toothbrush had chance to warm me that the brushing time was complete I had been overcome with a most intense and euphoric orgasm and after the day I had it was most welcome.

In fact it all happened so quickly that I left the head in place to go for a second orgasm and within seconds it worked and I was spasming with the sheer power of it, twitching just like a fish out of water.

Two was the maximum I dared to go for this time but who knows next time I may try for three!

I believe the power of this small and insignificant looking toy is in the ability to focus all the vibratory power directy to the clit because the head is compact and designed to get straight to the point.

My Celebrator have a winner and a must for any girl even if she isn’t going on holiday! 😉

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