Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit
Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

By Aleena M Reyes

A Fleshlight is usually the first adult toy that comes to mind when most people think of adult toys for men. They are easy to hold, easy to clean, and can be kept away discreetly whenever not in use. They provide a much more comfortable stroke as opposed to one’s own hand. The unique thing about Fleshlights in particular is their actual flash light design. This provides the user with a much more comfortable grip and handle and gives the user more control over their orgasm. The unique design allows for an easy clean-up process and is an all-around more comfortable experience than using other simpler (and often times cheaply made) vagina shaped masturbators.

The Lovely “Pink Lady”

The Fleshlight Stamina Kit, or the Pink Lady Stamina as it is known on the popular AdultProductsIndia.com’s website, in a lot of ways is very similar to other Fleshlights. It provides a comfortable and excellent way to stroke oneself and with the SuperSkin material inside, it will feel like the real thing! The vulva on it sports a simple design with small yet puffy outer lips and thin and enticing inner lips spread open in silicone excitement.  The Pink Lady Stamina has a golden special edition case design that gives the appearance of a flash light when not in use, making this product perfectly discreet! You can use it anywhere as well. The potential is only limited to your imagination. You can use it with your partner and have them help you with your strokes. You can use it solo by placing it between pillows, holding it in your hand or even in the shower by getting a shower attachment! Its detachable design also allows for it to be taken apart without any hassle and minimizes the mess.

Details about Use

Now, the Stamina brand of Fleshlights are said to guarantee four things: Improved stamina with your lover, enhanced sexual technique, intense orgasms, and control over pre-ejaculation. What helps improve this is the unique “speed bump” internal design that helps a man learn how to control their excitement and last longer. Now, as a disclaimer, I am not an owner of a penis. I know, I know. What the heck, Aleena? Well, I am here to give you a testimony from Gregory Lancaster of AveragePenisSize.com who did actually try it. As he so eloquently puts it, “a pill or cream will not make you a better lover” and I wholeheartedly agree with that. Like with all things in life, you will only get better by practicing. Sex is no different. Nothing will help performance anxiety or excitement other than trying to work out your own kinks for yourself. Lancaster described the experience as incredibly intense. He only lasted several pumps before letting lose. The specific design inside the Pink Lady helps you with a bit of sensory overload. This intentional design helps by getting you used to different feelings and pressures so you can last a lot longer. The tightness can be adjusted by twisting the cap which adjusts the internal chambers to help when you’ve noticed you’ve leveled up. For a beginner in training, it is suggested you have it on a looser setting since the tightness of the Pink Lady Stamina is described as “unrealistic” since it is for training purposes. In about a month, Lancaster was able to make it to 20 pumps inside before reaching his climax. By month three, he was up to 30 pumps and noticed he was lasting 3 times longer in bed with his lady. He had better and harder erections and his stamina had improve significantly. He swears up and down that this product can help just about anyone achieve what they are looking for. As a woman, I know for certain that I will be purchasing this for my own fiancé. Men: Impress your lady by practicing with the Pink Lady Stamina and have longer and better sex. You owe it to yourself and her. Ladies: Talk with your man about how he can help himself and you in the bedroom. There’s no shame in love games. Help him practice by stroking him with it. There is no reason why two cannot enjoy this amazing product. To purchase the Pink Lady Stamina go to Adultproductsindia.com . There are also a variety of other Fleshlights if this does not suit your fancy. The discreet and fast shipping of AdultProductsIndia will make this the perfect late holiday gift or just a great gift to surprise your lover.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.