Sex Toys For Your Wedding Night

Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps
Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps

In some respects thinking about using sex toys on your wedding night or your honeymoon might be a little strange. After all if there’s one thing that’s going to be on your mind after you’ve spoken your vows and signed the register it’s l’amour!

However at this, one of the most exciting times of your life you should consider being adventurous. After all your bride is probably going to be wearing something a little provocative under that dress to make her feel special when the taffeta and lace falls to the floor of the bridal suite. So why not experiment with a few exciting adult products?

Start off slow with a sensual product like a nice massage oil, all that extra anticipation will make your first time as husband and wife all the sweater. When you finally do reach the main event make sure you have some lube to hand, this could be a long night.

If you’re both fired up for some fun then experiment a little, perhaps some anal sex toys for you both? Or maybe a bit of playful spanking? You decide but wedding might can be much more fun if you are open minded and open to suggestion.

A vibrator for her can keep you both amused while he recovers and a clit vibe is great for her to use while you make love. Never tried it? Well you should because a vibrator on her clit while you’re engaged in passionate sex will blow both your minds.

And for when you just want to make love one more time but you need a little help then try a cock ring. If it’s got a vibrator, even better as she can enjoy your little helper too as it buzzes away on her clitoris.

When it’s time for the honeymoon of course you’ll have to be a little practical. Taking too many sex toys can lead to excess baggage charges! But that shouldn’t stop you. While some of the bulkier and heavier sex toys might be out of the question a of light blindfold, perhaps a bottle of massage oil and compact mini-vibe would be just the ticket.

These are just a few ideas for sex toys to use o your wedding night. Do you have any other ideas?

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