Masturbation With Vibrators

Masturbation With Vibrators
Masturbation With VibratorsViola Voice Activated Vibrator

Most people above the age of puberty have masturbated at least once in their lives. Often this is simply through manual stimulation of their genitals, either on their own or with a partner. Sometimes they may use erotic literature, images or even a porn movie to help things along but if you’re in the right mood of course then your imagination is all you need.

But whether you’re a girl masturbating or a boy jerking off all sexually active men and women can benefit from some aids to add variety and enhance the enjoyment they already derive from masturbation. In addition to the visual stimuli mentioned above in the form of pornography and erotica this site allows you to explore the world of masturbation with vibrators and other adult products before you buy them giving you the best chance of buying the perfect sex toy to use when you are masturbating.

Masturbation With Vibrators – Which One Is Right for Me?

The most obvious purchase would be to buy a vibrator to use when you are masturbating and while that’s true both sexes need to understand the pleasure centres involved during masturbation. That way you can learn to understand how your body reacts when you are masturbating so you buy the right product for you.

For women most of the stimulation you will feel in the vaginal area is in the clitoris, outer lips and first couple of inches of your vaginal opening. Inside and to the front of your vagina nestled against the pubic bone is the G Spot but further in than that there are fewer nerve endings – So although a huge vibrator will made you feel filled and stretched the sensations from deep inside your vagina will be less distinct than those created at shallower depths.

Vibrating bullets and specifically designed clitoral vibrators are meant to be used externally around the vaginal lips, clitoris and of course anywhere else on your body that you derive pleasure from, say your nipples for example. If you want to experience G Spot stimulation from a sex toy while masturbating with vibrators there are G Spot Vibrators made just for this task with a curved, sometimes almost gently hooked shaft to apply stimulation onto the soft pad of nerve-rich tissue that forms the G Spot.

If you are adventurous enough to explore the other opening placed conveniently next to the vagina – the anus – you should remember three things:

  1. Always use a lot of lubricant when using sex toys on your ass. The rectum has no lubrication of its own and a bit of spit isn’t anywhere near enough, no matter what you see in the porn movies.
  2. Only use sex toys on your ass that were designed for the job. Anal sex toys are shaped so they cannot be drawn inside by the strong muscles of the anal sphincter, often with a narrow neck and broad base. Sex toys not designed for anal use don’t have this feature and getting a vibe stuck in your ass will mean an uncomfortable evening in hospital plus a few awkward questions to answer.
  3. Finally, don’t use a sex toy in your ass then put it anywhere near your vagina. There’s a huge amount of bacteria up there and transferring that to your vagina is just asking for an infection.

Of course men can use anal sex toys too. Having a vibrating butt plug up your ass when you ejaculate can intensify the orgasm hugely. While some plugs can be used by both men and women. Only guys get the benefit of the prostate stimulator or P Spot vibrator which massages the prostate gland through the wall of the rectum to produce earth shattering orgasms. Sorry girls you don’t have a prostate so you can’t enjoy that particular pleasure

Apart from anal sex where lubrication is essential men and women need lubrication during masturbation for all sorts of other reasons too. When a woman is menstruating she can find herself lacking in lubrication, the same applies as she gets older. But that shouldn’t stop you masturbating. A few drops of lubricant will allow you to play longer and harder with your hand or when masturbating with vibrators.

Returning to the bullet vibrator, men as well as women can enjoy stimulation with these on their nipples, penis (particularly the frenulum) and perineum.

These are just a selection of the possible ways in which masturbation with vibrators can help you enjoy yourself when alone or with a partner.