Research over the time has proven a fact that sex is way more fun when the perfect sex toy is used in the most appropriate way with your partner. With a sex toy doing its job, you and your partner can just enjoy the romance, heat, and most importantly the orgasm that’s there. But, a question has always been around when it comes to the sex positions that fit well with the sex toys. What sex positions works best for a couple who’s willing to add a spice of fun in bed? Let’s learn some!

The double fun

Don’t get confused with the names because they’re made up just for that customized fun you’re willing to give a chance. If eye-gazing and staring each other into the eyes is one of the most important things for you in bed, consider this position where both of you will be on knees and there’s a rabbit vibrator in between. This sex toy is a legend in the world of sex toys and more importantly, it takes care of both the partners at the same time. So tell the guy to bend over and let this vibrator do the job. It’ll even adjust to the vibrations intensity by the pressure you put since it senses the movements down there.

The good old missionary

Talking about sex positions and forgetting missionary is a crime we’re not willing to commit. It’s not always important that you have to start with a wild position right away because first, you gotta do it right. As excited as you are to give your sex toy a try, use your favorite positions so you’re comfortable with the new experience. Put the vibrator inside your vagina, and slightly press it against your clitoris. Now, the guy can enter inside you with the vibrator so he also gets the vibe and you can dive into the world of pleasure right away. Adjust as many times as you want if you’ve not hit the spot yet, but once you’re there, the moment will be worth all the efforts you’ve put into it.

Hop on girl

Well, this one is our own twisted version of the cowgirl position since it has the spark of a sex toy along with it. Ordinarily while you hope on with nothing inside, put a remote controlled vibrator in your vagina this time. And, for the fun part hand over the remote to him. Now, you have the control over how deep you wish to go and he has the control over how intense your vibrator is. It’s basically on him about the rough game he might wanna play. With the element of surprise every time you hop, this will undoubtedly be an experience you can’t forget. Play each other for each other’s fun and orgasm and you’ll also learn how to have sex for the other person while getting your own part done as well.

Best Sex Positions
Svakom Elva

Here were the three sex positions that prove sex and sex toys together can do wonders for both of you. Let both of you get into it and loose all the control over oneself. Go with the flow and let the fun take a wild turn for a change. Get rough or keep it smooth, it’s always your choice. Innovate with your favorite sex positions and add those toys from your toy box that you enjoyed alone till date. As fun as it is to wank off alone, it’s hundred times more fun put those sex toys at a better use with your partner.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.