Tenga Air-Tech Masturbator
Tenga Air-Tech Masturbator

I have been a fan of Tenga mastubators for many years and have reviewed a number on this site. However I have always had one criticism of the Tenga philosophy – many of their products are single-use making them expensive and not environmentally friendly. Over time Tenga have introduced products such as their eggs (which can be cleaned and used a few times before they start to fail) and the “Flip” that is reusable but was always a bit bulky when compared with say the Fleshlight. Even though the Fleshlight was longer I found its narrow “grip” section easier to hold than the Tenga Flip.

The Air-Tech addresses those issues and delivers an easy to handle male masturbator that’s compatible with Tenga’s vacuum Controller device too. This review is without a Vacuum Controller so we’ll get to see how it performs on its own.

Unpacking the device is easy, pulling the perforated strip from the outer plastic packaging releases the grey Air-Tech Masturbator ready to use. The outer plastic packaging has basic usage instruction printed on it and a QR code so you can download these instructions from the Tenga site.

The Air-Tech masturbator is a standard configuration of an inner soft, white plastic isomer sleeve contained in a three-part outer shell consisting of main shell, top and bottom caps. The “top” cap has a foam pad behind it which cushions and helps hold the sleeve in place, the top one conceals the entry hole of the masturbator. As delivered this hole contains a small test-tube-like vial of lubricant. I also noticed the collar that’s required to hold the sleeve in place and stop it being pushed into the case when used. This collared design, while tricky to refit when you’ve dismantled the masturbator for cleaning does make the sleeve and therefore whole device more compact than other designs. The Fleshlight for example uses the shape and bulk of the sleeve to hold the sleeve in place necessitation a larger amount of material in the sleeve and a more substantial masturbator.

Of course for all these nice design features the only real test of the mastubator is what it feels like to use.

The material of the inner sleeve of the Tenga Air-Tech Masturbator is thankfully very yielding but I did find it a bit of a struggle at times for the device to accommodate me. Length was an issue too as well as girth because unlike longer masturbators such as the Fleshlight or sleeve style masturbators that have two open ends I couldn’t get any stimulation down at the base of my shaft. The Tenga Air-Tech Masturbator simply isn’t long enough for that. However the typically Tenga style stimulation was excellent and very familiar. There’s something about the way they combine their unique sleeve materials, the internal ridges and the vacuum around your penis that is unique to the Tenga masturbators.

There was just enough lube to make one use of the Tenga comfortable and of course Tenga would prefer you to use their own lubricant with the device. However I can see no reason why any good quality water based lubricant would not serve you and the Tenga Air-Tech Masturbator much more economically than the Tenga lubricant.

I think the intensity of the stimulation in the Tenga Air-Tech Masturbator was a little muted because of my size in relation to the size of the masturbator. Though that simply serves to prolong the pleasure so it’s not really a criticism as such. The climax I experienced was suitably intense and voluminous too so I can verify that even your most copious ejaculations will clean up easily. One note here on cleanliness, make sure you wash your masturbators, whichever manufacturer they are from both before and after use to avoid bacteria build up. The exception to this is the single use types that come pre-lubricated and should be sterile from factory.

Tenga Air-Tech Masturbator Summary

This is a nice addition to the Tenga range and a great masturbator for anyone interested in a quality male sex toy for their own enjoyment. It’s relatively compact, easy to use and stores nicely in its hard plastic case. Durability-wise only time will tell though in my experience Tenga products do last a while because of the high quality materials they select.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.