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I’ve talked about choosing the best blow job machines before on Sex Toys Buzz. The field is advancing all the time and because of this I thought I’d revisit it for you.

After your trusty hand came male masturbators,  sleeve and a variety of shaped and sized devices made from materials that more or less emulated the feeling of being inside someone else’s mouth, ass or vagina. Early attempts at mechanical stimulation were limited to suction applied to devices, often by Heath Robinson style vacuum bulbs and trigger mechanisms, or vibrating bullets.

I recall one afterthought of an add-on to a well known masturbator involved loading multiple bullets to pockets around a masturbator sleeve, turning them on and then assembling the device inside its outer grip before getting down to business. A bit of a passion killer and surprisingly cumbersome for a world famous brand. And no, I’m not mentioning the name.

As I said things have moved on since then and we can all choose from a range of devices, at a range of prices that all claim to give a great blowjob experience. Because of the ingenuity of sex toy designers in 2018 the variety on offer makes it difficult to choose so you might want to visit Best Blowjob Machines for their view. Being so specialised they can offer a perspective that’s very much orientated to the user. Though perhaps that should be the pleasure receiver as couples can use these devices too.

Take note of what they say about materials used to construct these sex toys and ease of use. There’s nothing more irritating than trying to use an intimate product only to find it’s fiddly or cumbersome to use. It really destroys the moment.

What I always say at points like this, especially when people ask us “What is the best xxxxx sex toy” is that we all have different preferences, sensitivities, sizes and anatomies. Being so specialised this website concentrates just on one type of toy for one type of stimulation so you’ll get a good feel for how each blow job machine works. Of course the only way to find out if it is your ultimate blowjob machine is to actually buy one of these masturbators.

Using a masturbation device is often seen as an exclusively solo affair yet using one with a partner can be great fun. You might do it for variety or you might do it because your partner doesn’t like giving blowjobs. That way a sex toy like this can enhance both your sex lives.

Even more exciting is the use of virtual reality and what has been called for years … cybersex. We’re not talking the full-on William Gibson immersive reality here, though some new products come close with links to 3D content and VR headsets. Sadly or perhaps thankfully full-on neural interfaces are some years away. What you can get are devices that allow you and your partner to interact in a number of ways during masturbation when you’re in the same room or on the other side of the world. Male participants get a masturbator/blowjob machine and females use a dildo/vibrating device. Interaction between partners takes pace electronically.

Isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing.

So in summary, get yourself informed and get yourself kitted out with the latest and best information provided by Best Blowjob Machines.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.