Sexuality is difficult to explain. It is an adventure for some people, and the adventure requires a polyamorous relationship with multiple partners. The sex in a polyamorous relationship is great, but it also increases the risk of STIs.

To this end, it is important to take the necessary precautions to stay safe in a polyamorous relationship. Here are tips to have safe and adventurous sex with multiple partners.

Learn More about STIs

There are different sexually transmitted infections, and they all differ in multiple aspects. For example, HIV weakens your overall immune system, while gonorrhoea causes unbearable discomfort to your genitalia. What’s more, HIV is transmitted through sexual fluids such as semen, while genital herpes is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact.

You are at risk of getting any STI on the book, so learn about each to know how best to protect yourself. For example, it will be easier to tell if one of your partners is suffering from an STI by looking out for symptoms.

Use Protection

Most STIs are easily preventable. For example, HIV is preventable by wearing a condom, while HPV is preventable by limiting skin-to-skin contact. You can never be sure about your sexual partners’ statuses, so use protection every time you have sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately, some people consider protection such as condoms diminishing for their quality of sex. However, some condoms are designed to increase stimulation, making sex more thrilling and enjoyable. What’s more, using protection puts your mind at ease, making it easier to immerse yourself in the experience. Most importantly, your health is worth more than any sexual thrill.

It is advisable to bring your own condoms, gloves, lubricants, and other tools, instead of trusting your partners to be as cautious. It is also advisable to use quality tools and protection to avoid costly mishaps, such as poor-quality condoms that can tear easily.

Emphasize Transparency

Trust and transparency as just as important in a polyamorous relationship as they are in a monogamous one. Transparency is especially important when your sexual partners are just as adventurous as yourself – especially if they have sexual partners that you don’t know.

Emphasize transparency with all of your sexual partners. Encourage them to disclose details about their other sexual partners and escapades. More importantly, insist that they disclose their sexual statuses always, ideally every time before you get into the sack. It would also help to learn basic details about their general health.

Transparency cuts both ways. As such, be sure to tell your partners about your other sexual partners and escapades. Most importantly, disclose your sexual status as often as you get checked – and warn your partners if you contract an STI.

Get Tested Regularly

Using protection is commendable, but it is not a fool-proof solution. For example, condoms can tear or come off during the act, giving way for STIs such as HIV and gonorrhoea to pass through. Some STIs can also be transmitted through subtle acts of affection, such as kissing.

To this end, it is advisable to always know your status by taking regular tests. It is also recommendable to tell your doctor about your sexual escapades.

The word regularly shouldn’t be limited to fixed duration routines. For most people, regular testing entails taking tests after every three months, while others stretch it to six months or more. However, it should be determined by how many partners you have and their sexual statuses. Knowing your status will put your mind at ease, and early diagnosis will help treat any STIs more effectively.

Take PrEP

HIV is one of the most complicated STIs. Its main effect is weakening the body’s natural immune system, making the body prone to a wide range of other diseases. It is easily manageable, fortunately, but it is not yet curable – and it can disrupt many aspects of your sexual life. To this end, it is recommendable to take PrEP daily – or at least once before having sex.

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is an anti-HIV drug composed of two HIV drugs: emtricitabine and tenofovir. It is designed to minimize the risk of contracting HIV for high-risk people, such as people in polyamorous relationships with multiple partners.

PrEP can minimize the risk of contracting HIV by as much as 99% when taken daily. As such, buy PrEP and take a daily dose for maximum protection against HIV.

Have a Safe and Fun Sexual Adventure

You can have fun with multiple partners and still stay safe by putting these tips into practice. These tips will not diminish the quality of your sexual adventures. More Importantly, they will ensure that you have many more memorable adventures. 

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.