A Guide To Male Masturbators

Male Masturbators
Male MasturbatorsMonkey Spanker Duo

There are a bewildering number of different types of male masturbators available so it’s vital that you understand the characteristics of each one before you decide to purchase any one of them.

As with all sex toys, male masturbators fall into broad categories but often they have characteristics from two or more of the groups listed below. What’s important is that you understand how these diverse methods of stimulation will affect the way you enjoy your new sex toy.


The term stroker is usually applied to a soft and often quite small male masturbator. Moulded from jelly plastic or a flesh-like elastomer much of the sensation you get from one of these sex toys is created by the tension of the material around your erect penis and the pressure applied by your hand. The soft and flexible material of the masturbator between your hand and your penis transmits the movements of your fingers but makes them less distinct than when you use your hand for masturbation without a stroker.

Stroker style masturbators are very convenient to store and transport because of their small size but you should keep their original packaging as some are made from materials that leach an oil-like residue and can damage/be damaged by other plastic items including other sex toys.

Stroker masturbators tend to be cheap and very often cheerful as those not intended to mimic flesh are often made from colourful jelly plastic and in some cases whimsically styled. One recent trend has been a number of anime themed masturbators for fans of that particular Japanese genre.

As with other models of realistic and semi-realistic masturbators a number of porn stars have put their name to stroker style male masturbators. This is very often in the form of simple endorsement as part of a range of sex toys of by acting as a “mould model” to allow the toys to be created in the image of their vulvas.

Artificial Vaginas And More …

Artificial vaginas attempt to put realism first and because of this the visual appearance of these masturbators is of paramount importance to their makers. Designed to physically resemble as closely as possible the outward appearance of vaginas, asses, mouths and recently even boobs these sex toys for men are frequently hand-painted to emulate and emphasise their features.

This type of male masturbator is more robust than a stroker because of the more dense materials used and the efforts made to ensure the experience of the user is more lifelike. High quality artificial vaginas use firmer and more structurally rigid materials at their core covered in soft elastomers to replicate skin outside and inside the toy.

On the subject of inside these male sex toys you’ll find that only a tiny handful try to emulate a real vagina, one notable type that does, and very successfully is the Venus Clone Masturbator. The rest use a massive variety of ribs, bobbles and swirls to varying degrees of effectiveness to stimulate the user’s erect penis. This isn’t a bad thing as the majority of these abstract designs are very effective for stimulation – but if you are looking for a truly life-like experience stick to a masturbator like the Venus Clone.

What realistic vaginas do give you is the feel of a real pudenda against you as you use them. In the case of some of the latest large and “mega” masturbators whole sections of backsides, torsos, legs and even feet form part of the sex toy providing an experience that’s both realistic and appeals to even the most specific of fetishes.

Where there’s a vagina an asshole can’t be too far away and it’s not uncommon for mid-priced and expensive realistic vagina sex toys to have a tight puckered ass to penetrate too.

Cock and Ass Masturbators

A small number of manufacturers produce masturbators modelled on the male anatomy with an anus to penetrate and a cock to be penetrated by. With stiffening in the penis section of the toy to emulate an erection and an asshole to fuck if the mood takes you these are great toys for boys who want to have fun or even girls who would rather ride these realistic cocks than a “normal” dildo or vibrator.


Fleshlight is a range of masturbators that has great brand recognition. While not the cheapest of masturbators they have a wide range both in terms of internal design and external variants that includes a growing range of Fleshlights modelled on Porn Stars called the “Fleshlight Girls”.

As well as the original Fleshlight, Blade and newer sleeker design (Flight) you can also buy the Fleshjack aimed at the gay market. One of the more unusual options on the Flight MG is a “Specimen collection cup” so you can gather the results of your masturbation. What you do with the sample is up to you!

At the cheaper end of the range but with equal quality of manufacture is the “Sex In A Can” series of masturbators created to emulate an over-sized can of beer and the devilishly tempting “Succu Dry” masturbator that allows you to imagine you’re getting head from a vampire – just without the dangerously pointy teeth.

There is so much to say about the Fleshlight range that they deserve an article of their very own.

Throw-Away Masturbators

Primarily from the people at Tenga, throw-away masturbators are quite rare. Originating in Japan, Tenga single-use masturbators first appeared about a decade ago. However perhaps due to pressure from buyers because of the significant cost incurred by a use-once sex toy and by the environmental concerns that such an apparently wasteful device raises. Tenga now make re-useable masturbators alongside their single-use “Ona-Cups”.

Tenga toys are lubricated with what Tenga call “toy lotion” – that is, lube. This comes in three viscosities from a very runny to almost gel-like lube.

Finally there’s a “hole warmer” the name may be a little too literal for some people but its purpose is obvious – to ensure your male masturbator is warm and welcoming when you come to use it.

Water Filled Masturbators

From time to time we come across water-fill masturbators. They are cheap, but often fragile. Yes you can fill then with water of your preferred temperature to add variety to your masturbation but the ones we’ve tested were all smooth and little more than a diversion from a “traditional” wank.

Gel Filled masturbators

Similar to water filled masturbators one gel-filled masturbator crossed our palm. In the shape of a squidgy mitten it was quite fun to use but we’ve not seen it retailing anywhere so unless you know different it sadly wasn’t a huge commercial success.

Alternative Male Masturbators And Unusual Features

Not all male masturbators look like vaginas, some like the Monkey Spanker and the newer Monkey Spanker Duo take a different approach. They minimise the masturbator down to its essential function, providing stimulation and make no effort to look natural.

Others take the form of gloves or mitts (like the gel filled mitt mentioned above). The Jack-Off Mitt has been around for many years and other similar devices that can be slipped onto the hand and are available to increase and vary stimulation – with varying degrees of success.

Occasioanlly you’ll find a masturbator with hair around the opening, great if you want a realistic, non-shaved experience. There are even a number of mouth shaped masturbators with bushy moustaches if that’s your thing.

Finally, bizarrely and in common with some female sex toys you can get male masturbators with flashing lights. They aren’t very common as the lights look really peculiar when you’re using these sex toys. The most memorable one we have tested was “Jenna Jameson’s Mouth Masturbator” with a built-in vibrating bullet and flashing LED lights.

Using Masturbators With Other Sex Toys

It is possible to intensify male orgasms by the use of anal sex toys to massage the prostate. If you’ve never tried it then you are missing out so if you want to add an extra dimension to your masturbation whether you use male masturbators or just your hand you really ought to look into prostate stimulation and the toys that make it possible.