Finding The Best Sex Toy

The question we are asked most often is “What is the Best Sex Toy?”.

Of course there is no one answer to this question for a variety of reasons. First of all your gender.

The Best Sex Toy for a man can hardly be the best sex toy for a woman. Indeed there are an increasing number of sex toys for couples so that’s a third answer for “Best Sex Toy”.

But even ignoring these obvious and pretty fundamental questions that are related to gender/anatomy the answer to the ultimate sex toy question depends on what you want to use it for.

Just because a sex toy costs a lot of money does not automatically mean it will work for you but designer sex toys from manufacturers like Lelo and JimmyJane rarely fail to please. However even the best sex toy from the most talented of designers will not work if it’s used incorrectly.

That’s why when we write our reviews we try to give pointers as to how exactly you should use the toys to their best effect – which might not be exactly as you would imagine or the manufacturer intended.

Even the most inexperienced of sex toy users will pretty quickly realise that the best sex toy for clitoral stimulation is unlikely to be the best sex toy for G Spot play. And as for male masturbators they are unlikely to provide any sort of enjoyment to a female pleasure seeker. Unless someone would like to tell us otherwise.

Personal anatomy, mood and taste also play a part in how all of us enjoy sex, stimulation and therefore sex toys too. In turn that means that even the sex toy that wins awards and your friends tell you will give you the best orgasms you’ve ever had might leave you feeling a little underwhelmed. That’s neither a reflection on you or the sex toy itself just the way the infinitely subtle variations in the human body come together to make us all individuals.

So, to summarise we have to say that while there can be no single answer to the ultimate question of “What is the best sex toy” we can point you at the best sex toys that we have tested and the ones which work for us. After that you should go and explore both your own body and the sex toys out there.