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At Alex and Suze’s experience in the world of adult products, sex toys and adult movies doesn’t go unnoticed by either the general public or the adult industry itself. they are the recipient of multiple industry awards, with 10 years of experience reviewing sex toys and have been consulted by numerous organisations from mainstream print publications and TV production companies to pure adult industry trade magazines both online and in print.

Alex and Suze truly are adult industry insiders with knowledge and experience that is invaluable to their industry partners and the buying public alike. In addition they do not sell any products, they have no licenced sex toy brands to push, they do not own a sex toy retail site meaning they are truly impartial.


MetroWhen the UK national newspaper Metro want to talk to someone about the wider acceptance of male sex toys there was only one organisation they could turn to for a balanced view based on a decade of experience in the adult toy industry. Being able to review and evaluate adult products isn’t just about testing sex toys that are available now but about being able to put each product and trend in the context of the developing market and current developments in the adult industry.

Plus it helps if you’re one of the few sex toy testers out there who is a) male and b) part of a sexually inquisitive couple, something that’s Alex and Suze are!


The Erotica UK Expo’s site was a perfect stage for the frank and honest adult movie reviews by The reviews were based on a huge knowledge of the adult movie scene from watching hundreds of titles, plus direct experience working on set during the production and promotion of a number of high profile adult titles. Therefore the reviews placed on Erotica’s website gave potential movie buyers, and the just plain curious a unique insight into the titles and how they came to be made.

Not all sex toy reviews find their home in overtly or exclusively sexually explicit publications.  An example of this is were an eclectic mix of slightly irreverent, but not too edgy reviews of products and general articles of interest to women. Skilful writing and being able to tune their output for a specific audience meant that Suze of SexToysBuzz was able to bring her usually intensely sexual sex toy reviews to a wider audience in a style that informed, amused but did not offend a slightly more mainstream group of readers.


European Adult News have been featured regularly since 2008. First as the subject of a feature about the site and subsequently canvassing Alex and Suze each year for their views on the Hanover eroFame show at the end of each year. This now annual feature in EAN gives readers the chance to hear what the team thought of the shape of the adult product industry as seen from the European hub of sex toy exhibitions at the Hanover Messe and simultaneously understand what Alex and Suze see as the hot trends in design and marketing will be for the coming year.

Look out for a 10th anniversary special feature on in EAN coming up soon.


XbizReaders of the adult industry magazine Xbiz will be used to seeing Alex and Suze appear regularly for many years. Whether the subject of profiles and interviews, from their coverage and photographic reportage of the industry’s key exhibitions in Europe, their authorship of profiles of leading industry figures and companies or Alex’s column the pair are never more than a few page turns away.

Sign Magazine was feature in Sign Magazine simply because their prominence in the sex toy reviewing field and their prominence in the adult industry that now spans a decade.

Harmony Productions

Working on-set with the production teams as well as online promoting Harmony’s products across social media has given Alex and Suze the opportunity to explore their interest in porno production and given Harmony the benefit of the couple’s online credibility to add to their own. From porn star interviews, through on-set photography to assisting in the filming of scenes and Harmony films enjoyed a mutually productive and synergistic relationship.

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