About Our Sex Toy Reviews

In a world where everyone on the Internet can claim to be an expert, who can you trust to present your adult brand with widely admired honesty and professionalism?

SexToysBuzz.com was created by the team behind the incredibly successful Alexsuze.com site. The Sex Toys Buzz approach is built on years of developing trusted relationships with international adult product producers and retailers. This lead to us being nominated three years running (2010-2012) for “Best Online Resource” at the ETO Awards, and winning the award in 2011 & 2012. We were further nominated for “Best Adult Journalist/Journalism” in 2013 & 2014.

At Sex Toys Buzz we keep the layout fun, but uncluttered, the reviews complete and passionate. Our reviews are currently performed in-house by us and created around each product, not constrained by a list of standard criteria. Every product is different – our reviews reflect that.

Best Online Resource 2011 & 2012
Best Online Resource 2011 & 2012

The sex toy reviews on Sex Toys Buzz are completely honest. If we find a problem with a toy we will say so. However if a product or adult toy doesn’t work for us we will not give a stingingly critical review. Why? Well there are occasions when a toy simply doesn’t work for your anatomy. We are all different shapes, sizes and orientations. To assume that just because a toy was a flop for us doesn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t find it amazing. So we seek out the positives, different ways to use it and let you know what’s good about a toy.

However if we can’t find anything positive to say about a product we will simply not publish a review.

We earn our money through the advertising that you see on the site. We also review sex toys for some of our advertisers. However paying for ads does not mean that we will give a bad product a good review – what would be the point? Our readers would be misinformed, disgruntled and stop visiting us. At no point are any of our sponsor given the opportunity to dictate what sort of review we give to a product or to edit the reviews before publication. The reviews you read are a truthful and accurate account of our experience of a product.

So what you read at Sex Toys Buzz are sex toy reviews that worked for us in some way and what we got up to using them.

You can find out more about us and our sex toy reviews by emailing enquiries@sextoysbuzz.com.