About CyberGlass ™ (AKA e-glass)

Topco CyberGlass Dildo
Topco CyberGlass Dildo

CyberGlass ™ is a material used in sex toys produced by TopCo Sales a US based sex toy manufacturing company in some of its sex toys.  It is a very practical material being dishwasher safe and can even be boiled, though cleaning can be achieved simply by washing with an anti-bacterial soap or a proprietary sex toy cleaner.

Although TopCo do not specify its chemical composition as being that of a borosilicate glass, even in their official materials description literature, they do describe a material with the same characteristics and as such we would regard CyberGlass and borosilicate materials to be identical in terms of durability, use, cleaning and care.

CyberGlass Key Features

Key to this glass’s properties are the following features:

  • Chemical  resistant
  • Phthalate free
  • Non-Porous
  • Good surface hardness
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Amorphous-non crystalline structure
  • Borosilicate glass has a nominal heat capacity of 710 J/Kg C – 50% greater than steel though not as high as aluminium. This means it holds heat extremely well and because of its low thermal conductivity that heat is transferred slowly.
    NB – Topco do claim that CyberGlass “Conducts and retains temperature”, the use of “conducts” in this context appears to have been used to convey the fact that when heated or cooled the material will retain the temperature for a long time while in contact with the body. Strictly speaking this is inaccurate as the thermal conductivity of glass is very low, indeed that combined with its ability to store heat is what makes it so good as a sex toy material. Therefore the phrase is suitably illustrative of the material’s characteristics to the layperson but is technically inaccurate.
  • Requires less lubricant than other types of glass due to surface properties.
  • Can be formed into transparent or translucent forms, often coloured with chemical salts as in other forms of glass manufacture.
  • Should be stored in a soft cloth or bag to avoid damage.
  • Compatible with silicone, water and oil based sexual lubricants because of its chemically inert nature.

Which all in all makes it an excellent material for sex toys.

Disadvantages of CyberGlass

Of course there are obvious disadvantages:

  • Rigidity makes it unsuitable for certain toy types
  • Mechanical shock can cause chipping, cracking and fractures all of which render a toy unsuitable for use. You should always check glass toys for such damage prior to use and if they appear to be damaged in any way discard them to avoid the risk of serious injury.
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