Onyx Glass Prostate Massager Wand
Onyx Glass Prostate Massager Wand

The Onyx Glass Prostate Massage Wand from the Sinclair Institute Is my latest boy’s toy for sex toy review. There are adult toy reviews for girls and boys even some for couples but this one is just for the boys because this is an anal sex toy made for the male anatomy.

It’s becoming increasingly common for us guys to seek out sex toys made for us because men are realising that there is more to sex toys for men than masturbators and cock rings. Anal stimulation and in the case of this toy prostate massage delivers a whole new panoply of sensation via the prostate or P Spot as it is often called.

This sort of anal sex toy can be daunting for a first time user but perseverance and the application of relaxation and plenty of lube can provide a whole new level of enjoyment.

I’ll start with the basics. The Onyx Prostate Massager is made from CyberGlass, you can read more about CyberGlass here. Its overall shape is that of a gentle arc with three slightly bulbous sections designed to lock into place when you slide it inside. The one on the tip rests against your P Spot when fully inserted. The external part of the toy is smooth except  for a tiny ridged section about 16mm long which sits against your perineum. I think the ridges are supposed to give stimulation, though I couldn’t discern them.

The pressure applied both inside and out when you use this prostate massager can be very strong. Well lubed and on my back I relaxed and slowly worked the tip inside. The diameter of the Onyx wand is what I’d call intermediate but as always with male anal toys its shape, particularly the bend of the shaft  was the key to how it felt. And it felt intense!

This anal sex toy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The relatively modest diameter and smooth shape mean that as you begin to use it the overwhelming urge you have is to push it as deep inside as it will go. The stimulation it provides creeps up on you. When the device does lock into place and it presses insistently against your perineum and prostate you realise how well designed it is.

As always when I have inserted an anal toy I laid back for a few minutes to relax and let my body adjust, moving it a little to savour the experience by adjusting the position of my thighs. Without realising I created a puddle of precum on my stomach so when I reached down to my cock to stroke myself I found the viscous sticky fluid dribbling from my glans.

Several strokes of my fist over my hardening member coated the tip of my cock in a shining glaze and although she resisted the obvious urge to suck me Suze restrained herself, letting me slowly masturbate to a toe-curling climax while rubbing the end of my cock with her finger and occasionally tasting the nectar in her mouth.

The Onyx Glass Prostate Massager is a simple but classy and effective male sex toy at a very reasonable price. It’s very hygienic, practical and a lot of fun. Oh, and one thing that I did forget to mention, probably because I’m a bloke before anyone says it, the prostate wand is dark blue with a rather classy organic foliage pattern etched lightly into the surface.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.