I saw it, thought it was a bit of a gimmick and there was no way that was going to work.

But I was wrong, diddly, wrong…wrong.

My lovely new friends over at OnJoy sent me the Blow Guard by J2 Enterprises to try out. I bet you can’t guess what it is for. Lol

You guessed it! The blow guard is a soft one size fits all pthalate free shield which fits over your teeth to protect your guys cock from teeth scraping over his when you are blowing him. It’s a great idea but what makes it even better is that the shield carries a tiny little bullet on the outside to make your blow jobs go with a buzzzzzzzzzz…

One thing which did occur to me is that the bullet is a sealed unit and therefore cannot be reloaded with batteries. But I suppose you will have provided hours and hours of pleasure before they expire. 😉

Alex was eager to try it out on me first and I must admit when he went down on me it was the strangest of sensations to have that familiar tongue lapping at my pussy accompanied by a stimulating vibration.

It felt great and I’m sure, given time he would have brought me to climax but I had other things on my mind. At an opportune moment when he came up for air I asked if I could try it out on him.

I love giving blow jobs and this promised to make the whole experience more intense and exciting. 😉 Alex slipped it out of his mouth and it was wet through, not the first time we have exchanged fluids. Lol

It slipped over my teeth easily and I was rather surprised that the bullet mounted at the front wasn’t as invasive as I thought it would be. The control for the vibrator is mounted on the of the bullet and is a simple on-off slide switch.

Alex wasted no time and knelt in front of me ready to go. And yes he was ready to go, he was sporting a semi before I started. I pushed my legs back down the bed over the duvet and lay on my stomach, raised on my elbows so that my mouth was in perfect alignment with his cock.

The night was warm and we were both naked in the warm glow of my table lamp. My heart was already beating rapidly with the expectation of good things to cum. 😉 I pushed the control on the vibe to on and the vibrations started.

It felt strange having a vibration ripple through the gum shield, there is a small amount of feedback but the gum shield absorbs most of it, so you won’t find your teeth are rattling in your mouth. Lol

Never one to waste a moment, as I opened my mouth ready to take Alex’s hardening length in to my mouth, he eased forward and pushed it straight in there. I decided to try the Blow Guard without the lube provided to see how it felt but had the little pack next to me just in case it was required.

Sometimes lube can detract from the sensation by over wetting. It turned out to be a good judgement call because within minutes of taking him in my mouth I was starting to salivate quit freely. My saliva just kept on coming and Alex started to thrust gently in to my mouth as he became moist inside me.

The shield gave a couple of squeaks when he started to fuck me slowly, which made me giggle. But they soon subsided and I placed my tongue on the underside of his cock so that it was now running over the vibe, then the shield to be caressed by my tongue.

He was getting so hard, I could almost feel his pulse through my tongue. His hands were now gently placed on my head as he fucked away at me. I was starting to become aroused and could feel the blood coursing through my veins and pumping up my pussy lips.

I couldn’t reach down to touch myself properly as I was now working his foreskin with my right hand and steadying myself with my left. Instead I started to push my pubis in to the mattress, rocking from side to side helped to part my pussy lips slightly, my clit now being stimulated by my own swollen flesh rubbing against it.

My chin was now wet and glistening with my own saliva…come on fuck me, fuck me, “I want to taste your warm seed in my mouth”, I’m thinking as Alex almost makes me gag.

I was determined to bring him off in my mouth. It’s something I haven’t done for a while and I get as much pleasure out of making him cum on my tongue as he does.

“OH FUCK, THIS FEELS…GET ON YOUR KNEES!” , Alex demands. I raise up on to all fours and about turn to point my swollen cunt at him. Without any pleasantries, he pushes his hard cock in to me. I turn off the vibe and remove the shield from my mouth, placing it on the mattress to the side of me.

I know this is going to be one hell of a fuck. 😉

Late edit: You van buy replacement bullets here.

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