Jenna Jameson's Mouth Masturbator
Jenna Jameson’s Mouth Masturbator

Jenna’s Mouth

It’s not every day that your girlfriend encourages you and gets positively excited about the prospect of you getting head from another woman. Especially if that other woman is a porn star. Not just any porn star either, it’s Jenna Jameson.

Returning to reality and leaving the hyperbole to one side I’ll clarify. What I’m actually talking about is the Jenna’s Mouth. This is the fourth male masturbator I’ve reviewed and like all the others is unique. They all have their own characters, not something that you’d believe if you hadn’t tried them out, but true nonetheless.

The Jenna’s Mouth is part of the Club Jenna range and is manufactured by Doc Johnson in their famous UR3 skin material. If you haven’t felt a UR3 product, you should. It’s texture and density is that of firm flesh and because of its uncanny similarity to the real thing is very effective at making you feel like you’re not using a toy.

The Mouth consists of a moulded mouth and nose, with a tube-like mouth/throat behind this ultra-realistic façade. The mouth section is lined with soft UR3 spikes that stroke your cock when you’re using the toy, adding to the experience.

The lips of the toys present a mouth slightly open revealing the tip of “Jenna’s” tongue and a very tight opening, into which you insert your erect penis. The opening is so tight that when I used the toy it took several attempts to get my cock inside. More of that later.

The final feature of the Jenna’s Mouth is the vibrating bullet, which is inserted behind Jenna’s nose. It is a phenomenally powerful vibe, with flashing colour changing LEDs and a high quality electronic control unit requiring 3 AA batteries. The control has ten speeds and eight different vibrating programs. None of your on-off switches here or simple variable speeds, you can really tune the vibrations.

The reason for the flashing LED light show is that the Jenna’s Mouth is made from translucent UR3. you can see the red, yellow and green lights through the toy when you use it. Not so much arousing as an interesting touch.

I think Suze was intrigued by the though of me slipping into Jenna Jameson’s throat and watching me masturbate (something she enjoys almost as much as sex). So, while I got out the lube and inserted the vibrating bullet behind Jenna’s nose Suze, erm, encouraged me to erection, while I lay on the bed, propped up on some pillows. My standard masturbator testing position. Now there’s a phrase you don’t read every day.

Having noted the small aperture in the toy’s mouth I was careful to ensure both the toy and my cock were thoroughly lubricated with a water based lube. I then tried to push my penis into Jenna Jameson’s mouth. Sadly Jenna wasn’t having any of it and I skidded across her lips. I tried again, this time, if she had any I’d have poked her in the eye.

Third time lucky though, as with a little care I pushed past Jenna Jameson’s lips and deep into her throat. I loved writing that sentence.

I Mentioned earlier that all masturbator designs have a different character. They stimulate in different ways and have different shortcomings. First of all the good bits.

The small opening means that not only does the toy hold your cock firmly, but it also acts as a cock-ring of sorts to keep you hard for a long time. The spikes inside the toy are perfect for stimulation, they do not try to emulate a real mouth/throat and why should they, this is a toy designed primarily for solo male pleasure. The spikes really work, subtle and effective.

I was initially disappointed by the length of the throat/mouth tube as at 15 cm (6 inches) long it’s too short for my erect cock. However it soon transpired that this was far from a drawback because the 2.75 cm (1.25 inch) or so that protruded meant the slightly tighter open rear of the tube rubbed my glans and frenulum as I slowly stroked myself. This aspect of the toy’s stimulation was very unexpected.

Suze left me to enjoy the Jenna’s Mouth, watching me, but laying on her back stroking her pussy while I jerked off.

I found there were two methods or grips that worked with the Jenna’s Mouth. One was obvious, grasp the tube section and pump away. This has the advantage that you can vary the pressure on your cock and warm the toy with your hand. The other is to grab the “face” section of the toy and lift this up and down the both hands, this gives a totally different lighter sensation and allows you, and in my case Suze to watch my cock slip in and out of Jenna’s throat.

I found that the best way to feel the bullet’s effects was to turn the toy so that the nose was pressed into my scrotum and let the vibrations buzz through my balls. Nice. Suze took great pleasure in having a little play with the programs and intensity settings, but soon returned to her needy clitoris.

I held back, for a long time as Suze’s clitoral orgasm was being elusive. When she finally came with a huge shriek of pleasure and convulsive arching of her back I was still rock hard. Seeing her cum meant that only a few strokes later semen squirted from the end of my cock and land on the outside of the tube and my hands, the rest ran into Jenna’s throat and mixed with the already foaming white lube.

This is a great masturbator. The construction of the toy and its vibrator/control are second to none I’ve tried before. If I were in need of a really satisfying, luxurious auto-orgasm I’d reach for it every time. The only criticism I have is that the opening into which your penis is inserted was too small for me. However I think it will give a little over time, which is I suspect why the clever people at Doc Johnson made it so tight.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.