Nobessence Romp
Nobessence Romp

Wooden toys are something relatively new, and very, very old. The first dildos were made from natural materials, wood, horn, bone, jade, ivory, but modern sex toys are made from plastic and metal. The return to natural materials is very welcome, because although they do have their limitations and need careful processing to become a useable and pleasurable adult toy they have an innate beauty that synthetically fabricated toys simply don’t possess.

My Romp is crafted from dark Cocobolo wood. Did you notice that I termed it “My Romp”, these are toys that you want to own and relate to. Not in some artsy-fartsy amateur psychology way, they feel very personal to touch. The Romp is an anal toy, so it’s effectively unisex, and that could lead to fights in some households, LOL. You’d have to resolve such conflicts by buying two! However Suze isn’t quite ready for the Romp yet so this one is all mine.

The shape of the Romp can best be described as a sensuously curvaceous number 7. The thicker stroke of the 7 is inserted into your ass, letting the other stroke massage your perineum. In the case of a woman using this toy you’d find it tickling the opening of your vagina.

The Romp is not the largest anal toy I’ve used but I did find it a bit of a challenge to insert. This may have been because I hadn’t played with any anal toys for a while and was a little “virginal” again, but it also had something to do with the shape of the Romp. It’s quite wide at one point and this, coupled with the beautiful curve was a little challenging.

It took about three attempts to insert the toy, adding extra water based lube on each attempt. When I finally eased the Romp inside my ass I immediately decided the effort had been worth it. The shape is perfect, pressing against the inside of your colon and gently pressing your prostate. The best aspect of the design is that the external part of the toy, pressing against your perineum both stimulates you too. Better yet, clenching your ass moves the romp’s perineal stimulator and gives you great control.

Nobessence refer to their creations as sculptures and I have to agree. Each one is beautiful, and although form does not compromise function (this toy really works well) they have obviously been designed with an eye to aesthetics.

Using this toy turned me on. That’s unusual because I normally get turned on then use a toy. Maybe it is because it felt and looked so good, or maybe I was just wanting a little ass play. Whatever the reason I was almost hard and dribbling with precum when the Romp settled into place.

Suze was in her usual position as spectator to my masturbatory moment. I was laid, supine enjoying the pressure in my ass and against my perineum. I can feel it now, in fact my buttocks clenched involuntarily as I write this as if my body remembers the sensation without the aid of my conscious mind … ooh that’s good.

I lazily stroked myself for about ten minutes, cock rock hard. It would have been a little dry but Suze helped in her customary fashion by sampling my precum and leaving a deposit of lubricating saliva in return.

I let the orgasm happen, not holding it back to increase the sensation. I guessed that would not be necessary for a great climax. I was sooooooo right. The muscular contractions that accompany a man’s orgasm are amplified by a good anal toy like the Romp. The pumping of my groin made my ass tighten, this pressed the romp against my perineum and so made my orgasm more intense, which in turn increased the force of my ejaculation. It’s a positive feedback loop out of control for just a few short moments.

My climax was short but intense and the feeling of euphoria afterwards was almost Zen like.

The only downside was that I now had to take the romp out. Luckily because of the amount of lube I had used this wasn’t too bad, though it was a relief when the thickest part of the toy left my body.

The only criticism I have of the romp is that inserting it (for me at least) was slightly uncomfortable. However all anal toys are different, and all people are different. Some people will I’m sure not find insertion and removal of the Romp a problem, and I am quite happy to put up with momentary discomfort for a toy that’s so effective and comfortable to use.

It’s a truly beautiful object too, which just adds to the appeal of taking this great toy out of its box and putting it to work.

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By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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