My Celebrator Complete
My Celebrator Complete

This sex toy review sees me returning back to a toy which I reviewed quite some time ago. The company approached me and asked me to review the full unit instead of the tip. I’m being cryptic aren’t I. Lol

The sex toy I’m talking about is the My Celebrator. I first saw this interesting and very functional toy just over a year ago. At the time the stand could only release the tip and not the complete toy which includes a motor drive.

In essence the tip can be placed on any Oral B toothbrush turning it in to an instant clit vibe and a very effective one. You can read my original review here. This time I was going to get the full My Celebrator treatment because they wanted to send over the motor drive instead of me using my toothbrush.

I waited eagerly through the recent Royal Mail strikes just hoping that it would reach me. You never know if it would end up on some sorting office floor never to be seen again. Well today it did turn up albeit it rather dishevelled.

The postman knocked on the door but I was busy cleaning my teeth and didn’t get down in the nanosecond it took him to decide to wedge my toy in the letterbox. When I retrieved it the packaging was split down the side from top to bottom and the whole thing only held together by a Royal Mail standard issue red rubber band.

Bugger! I though as I examined the package, you could see the contents quite clearly and the words “Mini Vibrator” inside the clear plastic packaging which appeared to have survived the abusive trip from Holland to the UK.

Here is the rundown on the My Celebrator Motor Driver aka My Celebrator Complete

It operates on 2 x AA batteries and features a separate on/off button to the speed control to avoid confusion
Has two speeds for perfect clitoral stimulation which are operated via the push button in the base
Colourful base unit which can also be used with your normal toothbrush heads for a bit of tow in one action 😉
It can be enjoyed in the shower too because it is waterproof
Had replaceable tips which are easily cleaned

Having tested this little baby before (well the tips – you can read that review here) I thought I knew what I was in for and couldn’t wait to take a wank break to test it. 😉 I has spent the morning writing and following up leads and was in urgent need of a little me time.

I made my way in to the bedroom next door to my office and pulled the curtains. I’m guessing my neighbours think I’m sick quite a lot. Lol I turned on the DVD player for a little accompaniment, I like to play whilst watching others. That makes me a voyeur doesn’t it? Kinky!

After selecting the scene from our three on to one porn DVD I settled down to watch an Italian girl get the s**t fucked out of her by three guys. I ousted the cat from the turned down covers and pulled them over me after removing the clothing from my lower body. I told you I was desperate to try this new toy out. 😉

I had already loaded the vibe with batteries and washed it. I reached over to the bedside drawers to retrieve it. The base unit fits nicely in your palm and the tip is easily mounted. After a few minutes under the covers the My Celebrator had warmed to body temperature and was ready to get to work on me.

Wow, that brunette is no stranger to anal! I pressed the button once and it fired up as it happened in the slower of the two speeds which was perfect for engaging myself. The motor unit seems to be more effective at vibratory resonance than my toothbrush which I was used to. Somehow more effective in conducting the vibrations. I ran the tip of the My Celebrator up and down my slit, spreading my juices more effectively, then I pressed the button and pressed my pelvic girdle in to the mattress. I know what this vibrator can do and this was going to be even better.

The rapid frequency of vibrations over my clit was breath taking and within moments I could feel my whole body tense as I approached the zenith of my pleasure. Yes, the motor unit has more intense vibratory capabilities than my toothbrush.

Therefore I knew resistance was futile. I braced for one almighty, breath holding, quivering, orgasm. I was truly breathless for moments when the force of my orgasm tore right through my body. This is toy induces the strongest orgasms I have ever experienced.

As the exhilaration waned I found myself wanting, no needing more. I pressed the button once more bringing the speed down. This is a useful function because you can’t turn down the speed of my toothbrush and I find it too intense sometimes to go for a second clitoral orgasm.

Not so with the My Celebrator complete, that slower speed is just the thing for a hyper sensitive clit. Just moments later I was convulsing and coming again. What can I say…as I catch my breath. This is the most effective clitoral vibrator I have ever had the PLEASURE to review and a firm favourite of mine.

If you have never experienced a clitoral orgasm, go try this now; You don’t know what ecstasy you are missing.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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