Fun Factory Bubbles Vibrator
Fun Factory Bubbles Vibrator

Popping Pussy

When we were over at the Venus Sexpo in Berlin recently we were privy to the showcasing of several new sex toys to the market. Unfortunately at the time we couldn’t come away with any because the companies either had limited numbers or were exhibiting their prototype adult toy.

One such company was Fun Factory. This company is leading the way in the sex toy revolution, turning them from flesh coloured phalluses into bright and inspired play objects which are not only practical but flying the flag for green toys.

They have sent over to me one of their latest sex toys, the mini VIBE Bubbles which is part of a new range of Clic ‘N’ Charge vibrators. This toy is compact and would easily fit in to your handbag or purse for a bit of on the move indulgence. And I am one of the first people to review it right here.

I must admit that when I hold this vibrator in my hand I want to stroke it, the outer coating is soft and almost velveteen in feel. It just begs for you to touch it.

The shape of the Bubbles vibrator is unlike anything I have seen before, it is a series of well…interlocking bubbles which curve at the tip for g-spot stimulation. But despite it’s small size there is plenty of girth to this little cutie.

Here are Bubbles’ attributes

Has a “gentle touch” surface which is soft and yielding for comfort in use
Easy to hold and operate with the up and down buttons which cycle through 9 vibratory speeds and 3 pulsation modes
This vibrator is 100% waterproof so you can have some wet and wild times
Is made from 100% silicone and therefore body friendly

Fun Factory have developed a magnetic Click ‘N’ Charge range of toys, which means you only need one charger for all your toys which is a great idea. I found attaching the charger was quick and simple, align the FF logo on both the base and the charger and away you go. Once the flashing light goes off on the vibrator you are ready to go. It couldn’t be easier.

Now I just had to wait…

Bubbles was fully charged and ready to go mid afternoon and as I was on my own passing the time after a very busy morning I thought, why not? I closed the bedroom curtains which didn’t seem too out of place given that the day was dark, dull and foggy any way.

As I passed the DVD player I grabbed the control and started up he DVD we were reviewing. I selected the second scene, an excellent choice. One girl dominating three guys, good start. 😉

I slipped out of my jeans and panties leaving my t-shirt on, after all this was more about need than aesthetics. And I needed. I took the lube from my bedside drawer and applied an ample amount to the tip of the first ball and worked it down and around the Bubble vibrator.

Then I lay back on my pillow, eager to try this new interestingly shaped toy. I placed the first bubble against my opening and worked it around a little, moistening my pussy lips. Once moistened I pushed the bubble in to my opening. What is she doing to those gusy with that crop?

It felt quite large as my pussy stretched to let it in and I almost heard my muscles clamp around it. A few pushes of the + control and I was in to escalation mode which felt powerful and quiet considering the strength of the vibrations.

Applying gentle but firm pressure I felt the next bubble slip in to me. I’m not sure if it is due to the velvety finish or the shape of this vibe but the resistance it gives creates the most heightened sensitivity when you use it. You can quite literally feel yourself accommodating and accepting each sphere and it feels like you’re really being filled. The vaginal opening stimulation is very, very good, most arousing. The vibe was now fully inserted and lubed and I pulled gently savouring the bulbous stimulation.

This vibe isn’t about the g-spot hit but the combination of friction and gentle stretching which stimulates your vaginal entrance. Using combinations of slow and rapid thrusting I was soon bearing down on the bed with my feet, pelvis tilted, bracing myself for orgasm.

I like this vibrator because it makes me cum in a different way to my others, no g-spot stimulation but plenty of very powerful and quiet vaginal opening massage. Who could resist adding this to their collection and taking it out on the odd trip. 😉

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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