You won’t believe this because it sounds like a really bad 70’s joke but my Mystery Vibe Crescendo was delivered to me via my catflap.
Ok, have you all stopped laughing now? 😀

It was a rainy day, I wasn’t at home and my delivery driver had used his head and not left my pleasure product on my doorstep to get wet.
As it happened the Crescendo was very neatly crypacked in polythene which would have weather proofed it were it needed.

So I got a very pleasant surprise as I stepped in to the kitchen to be greeted by a vibrator on my doormat by the backdoor. I wonder if it had confused the cat? Lol
It didn’t take me long to run upstairs, Crescendo grasped in hand ready to be unpacked. 😉

Mystery Vibe
Mystery Vibe

I slipped the distinctive matt black sleeve complete with gold embossed Mystery Vibe on the top, “Crescendo, Your Pleasure, Personalised” on the side and diagrammatic information on the base. Take note of the presets and levels as they aren’t detailed in the User Guide.

The sturdy matt black patterned box inside has a flip top, which I “flipped” to reveal the Crescendo seated in it’s matt black carboard former, alongside a card advising you to “Bend with care”, sensible instructions to avoid a swift end to your fun.

Tucked nattily in the top of the lid is a small matt black envelope with the words “A new world of pleasure awaits you” written in gold lettering.

Inside the envelope is a trifold matt black User Guide for the Mystery Vibe Crescendo, again written in gold. The feel & appearance of the packaging is that of quality and it stands out from others by being different.

Mystery Vibe
Mystery Vibe

Beneath the cardboard former is a very classy black satin, quilted roll pouch with the Crescendo held in place by the black satin ribbons which secure it. All very thoughtfully appropriated. I love the detail and care which has been given to the whole experience of unpackaging this vibrator.

And finally we reveal the charging base, USB charging lead and 12 month warranty information.

The shape of the Crescendo is unlike any other vibrator I have encountered. Instead of the usual round shaft, the Crescendo has a tapering, flatterned shaft. From reading the instructions she (I’ve decided it’s a she because she is elegant, classy, very feminine and pretty) can be bent to fit your internal shape but never sideways or you may break her.

As you can tell she has very much impressed me. 😉

The Crescendo is designed to be operated via an app which can be downloaded on Apple & Google App Stores. I assembled the charger and plugged it in to the USB port on my laptop. The base light flashes green when charging and remains constant when charged.

Mystery Vibe
Mystery Vibe

I’m now going to download the app for my android phone whilst you read a quick round up of her finer points.

• Can be used solo or with a partner.
• Has 6 powerful but quiet motors built in to the flexible shaft.
• Is configurable to your needs and shape for an all-round pleasure experience.
• Chargeable via USB lead for convenience. And if done discreetly, in the office ready for that lunch break. 😉
• Its bendable shaft will allow you to slip it inside the smallest of handbags for a little fun on the run.
• Offers 12 Preset vibrations with 16 intensity levels. I’m sure there’s something for everyone there. :O
• Is 100% waterproof for a little funtime in the bathroom>
• Comes complete with a protective quilted roll pouch for protection and storage
• No need to hunt for the batteries as your pleasure product is rechargeable.
• The battery will last for up to 2 hours on full power or a whole month on standby.

The Crescendo is slim and not at all threatening in looks. Made from a velvety soft seamless silicone it looks great and feels great. The shaft is undulating which obviously houses the poseable spine, enabling the shape to be changed without any unsightly bulging of the silicone outer.

Two silicone flaps I assume will be placed either side of the clitoris when the Crescendo is inserted providing both internal and external pleasure.
I explored the App and discovered that you can Add or Remove vibratory patterns depending on your taste. Once you have selected the pattern you like by swiping left or right through the options. You need to load it by dragging it up to the pink Vibration Pattern button. If you don’t do this the vibrations will stop as soon as your mobile screen goes off.

This can be a little frustrating to ensure you “lock” the vibration pattern before settling down for a bit of “Me time”. 😉
I advise experimenting with the shape to find a good fit for you and that’s what I’m about to do now whilst Alex finishes off some work.
The bedroom was aired thanks to the central heating, not the lovely Summer we are having. 😀 This enabled me to lay on the mattress without cover facilitating uninhibited play.

As my back hit the mattress I shaped the Mystery Vibe Crescendo in to a “U” shape. This was my go to position as I’ve had experience of a vibrator shaped like this in the past and it worked. Applying a small drop of water based lubricant to the tip and working it down the top of the shaft I started to slip the vibrator inside my purring lips.

Having spent an arduous morning in the office I was now ready to enjoy the practical side of my job. 😉
Crescendo’s tip was cool but inviting as it parted my inner lips and I gasped. It soon became apparent that the shape of the shaft wasn’t quite mine as it failed to slip inside me as expected.

Monentarily back to the drawingboard.

My next move was to form the shaft in to a “Come Hither” shape. * Making the tip curl inwards and leaving the shaft otherwise straight facilitated smooth and comfortable penetration. A satisfyingly feeling of being filled, whilst my g-spot was being teased with the tip.

All I needed now was a little clitoral involvement to seal the deal.

A quick adjustment of the base enabled the two fins on the base to fall either side of my now pert clitoris. There are many vibration patterns to select from but I know after all these years of reviewing what I like.

The shape of the Crescendo ensured that it stayed in place without any involvement on my part. A plus point for me if you can enjoy the experience hands free!
Having selected an escalating thrum I was starting to feel the morning’s tension flow from my body. I just needed to turn up the power. Unfortunately I couldn’t find how to do this on the app and had to resort to using the push buttons on the shaft of the Crescendo. This can be a little awkward with the added complications of lubricant and possibly having the controls inside you but I managed to turn it up to 11. 😉


The combination of escalating vibrations internally stimulating my g-spot and the clitoral stimulation from the “Pleasure Wings” had me hovering over the fields of climax for a while.

Then bang!

I came in to land on the shores of pleasure, panting, glistening with heart beating. Sated, happy…


The Crescendo is an enjoyable experience which all shapes and sizes should be able to enjoy to the max. Women like me have been waiting a long time for a truly configurable vibrator as we aren’t all the same shape and size and Mystery Vibe have realised this perfectly.

It is suggested that the Mystery Vibe Crescendo can also be enjoyed couples both MF & FF alike.

I’ve only one suggestion to make. That they add speed control to the app as this seems to have been a large omission on their part.

Having said that I will speak to them to ensure that I haven’t missed this so watch this space.

Oh, and enjoy reaching your Crescendo! 😉

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.