Sportsheets Sweet Surrender Kit
Sportsheets Sweet Surrender Kit

The Sweet Surrender Kit is part of the Flirt range from Sportsheets, a manufacturer you might associate more with cuffs and restraints. Billed as “Somewhere between the wink and the kink” it’s for those of you who want to be a little naughty and sensuous as opposed to diving into hardcore BDSM.

Inside the screw-top tub you get a velvet blindfold with elastic band, a pair of velvety handcuffs, sewn together with Velcro fasteners and Pleasure Feather tickly thing. Everything comes in red and black. One last thing. The packaging mentions “warming lotion”, but in our case came with a sachet of strawberry kiwi lube.

The blindfold is very user-friendly, no buckles or other fasteners, just one size fits all elastic, which makes it very comfortable too. The cuffs similarly easy to fit with the Velcro providing adequate restraint for a reasonably compliant partner LOL. The stitching is well done, but would not stand up to a wayward slave trying to escape forever. But that’s not the point of this set, it’s about play and sensuality, not heavy bondage.

We began by Suze blindfolding me and using the cuffs to bind my hands across my front. Being teased by her while gently restrained was a wonderfully indulgent experience. Unlike being teased with a whip there is no expectation that you will suddenly feel the sting as your tormentor flicks their wrist and makes your flesh sing. I thoroughly enjoyed the touch of the “Pleasure Feather”, it sooths and relaxes and at the same time arouses you. You become very aware of the gentle, whisper-soft pressure applied to your most sensitive areas.

Suze coaxed my cock into almost full erection simply by stroking my body, the back of my knees, stomach, chest, nipples, neck, cheeks and stirring penis with the magic little feathered wand.

She was eager to sample the results of her handiwork, but as I was released by her in the obvious expectation of an immediate fuck I grabbed her hands and bound them with the cuffs. The blindfold slipped over her eyes and treated her to a few minutes of gently teasing with the Pleasure Feather.

She squirmed underneath me, her pussy emitting a rich aroma of arousal. I relented and rolled her onto her front. Her bound hands were unable to support her and as a consequence her face was pressed against the mattress and ass stuck high into the air presenting her wet and swollen pussy to my tender mercies Mwahahaha!

It took only moments for her to come, the sexual excitement that had built up had brought us both to the edge of orgasm and I unleashed my load as her orgasm began to wane. We collapsed, rolling onto our sides, my cock still inside her and her hips grinding back into me, the cuffs and blindfold keeping her prisoner as much as the stiff member impaling her.

This is a great set as a gift for your lover or something special for those of you who want a naughty night. It will add a little spice to your lovemaking without breaking the bank and isn’t intimidating for first timers. Snuggle up this Christmas with your partner and a Sweet Surrender Kit from Sportsheets.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.