The Almighty From BodiSpa
The Almighty From BodiSpa

Well they certainly selected the right name for this massager.  It’s one of the largest I have seen.  The head of it is 2 x the size of my shower head so is a real heavy weight.

So based on size and weight alone I had high hopes that this massager would be great for relieving tension.  Not in a climaxing kind of way as it is far too wieldy to be an asset in the bedroom.

But it could certainly have a place in the chillout section of my…I was going to say toy drawer but it wouldn’t fit.  Lol

Instead I would have to consign it to the bottom of my wardrobe.

The packaging of The Almighty from BodiSpa leaves nothing to your imagination as it’s loaded with information about the product.  The matt white box features an opening door which reveals the product rather temptingly inside behind a cellophane window.

A great tease but not a practical one as you tear the box when opening it because rather than using re-sealable Velcro or magnets, they have used clear silicone blobs which destroy the card.  🙁

Inside the box there is a user manual which suggests parts of the body you may wish to apply The Almighty for everything from stress relief to firming.  You will also find the 2 pin charger or the 3 pin adapter for charging the massager.  I placed mine on charge over night as it requires up to 8 hours to fully charge.

So in the meantime let’s take a look at what The BodiSpa Almighty has to offer?

  • A dual slider to control the heat and speed of vibrations and On/Off function.
  • Can be used for up to 45 minutes on an 8 hour charge.  Which seems like a long time to me for such restrictive use.
  • Is fully rechargeable via the 2 pin or 3 pin adapters which come with the product.
  • Offers both heat and cold to enhance the efficacy of the massaging vibrations.
  • Has 2 speed settings.

I have to say that this product has just one use and that is for massage.  So I had high hopes that it was going to blow my socks off given its size and weight.

And I had the perfect candidate to test it on…Alex.

A couple of days before The BodiSpa Almighty arrived he put his back out and he had been in a considerable amount of discomfort.  So The Almighty couldn’t have arrived at a more appropriate time.  🙂

Alex prepared himself, settling on to the mattress in our bedroom with just his boxer shorts for modesty.  Not that it mattered.  Lol

He rolled over on to his front and I knelt by him armed with the massager firmly gripped in my hand.  Actually holding it started to feel like a bicep workout, this thing is so heavy.

I placed the head of the massager against the troublesome area of his back and slid the control to heat before sliding the speed button to the first position.

This massager is not the most discreet in terms of noise but then again you really wouldn’t be worried about privacy given its application.

The vibration intensity didn’t seem that high so I pushed the button to the second speed setting and to be honest it still didn’t feel that strong.  Certainly given the size of The Almighty – it felt anything but.

Alex confirmed this by saying that there didn’t seem like there was enough power going to the head to make it effective.

So I have to say that The Almighty didn’t have the “power” it seemed to promise and stood in the shadow (despite its size) of other heated massagers which weren’t as cumbersome like the Emotional Bliss Womolia.



By Suze

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