We-Vibe 4
We-Vibe 4

The We-Vibe 4 has been designed with couples in mind but can be used solo too. The female slips the smaller of the two ends inside her whilst the largest nuzzles against her clitoris.  And when her partner slips inside they enjoy the vibrations together.  What a versatile little toy!

This is the forth and most refined version of the We-Vibe.  We were one of the first sex toy testing couples to get our hands on the We-Vibe version 1 way back in 2008.

Both the original We-Vibe and the second incarnation were made from shiny silicone which presented problems with attracting dust and fluff and also pulling against flesh.  Therefore you had to ensure you used plenty of lube to avoid the drag on your most sensitive parts.

We-Vibe have addressed this problem in the 4th model and manufactured the We-Vibe in soft silky silicone.  They have also slimmed the shape down, with the internal head not being as bulbous which can only serve to facilitate easier entry for your partner.  🙂

Another change worthy of note is the new packaging which is both classy and stylish.  Far removed from the original, flimsy and dull looking boxes which crushed in transit. Now the packaging is a sturdy and stylish featuring a floral motif alongside an image of the product.

On the rear are a set of multi lingual concise notes on the functions and use of the We-Vibe 4.  All together a more robust, quality, eye catching box.

Once the lid is lifted you’ll find the vibrator and the remote seated in the soft foam cut-outs, whilst underneath you will find the USB charger, instruction booklet which on the whole is legible with the technical information requiring a magnifying glass for some reason (perhaps so it would sit on a single page) and charging stand complete with cover.

The cover enables you to leave it out on your bedside table without arousing suspicion, so it’s ready for action when required.  Just what I like, having my toys to hand when I’m in the mood.

In readiness for Alex’s return from work I plugged the USB lead in to my laptop and left it on my desk.  Given that a full charge should take around 6 hours there would be plenty of time for it to charge before his return.

And for you to read exactly what the We-Vibe has install for us.  😉

  • A 6 hour charge should provide up to 3 hours of playtime.
  • Is fully rechargeable via its compact charging base, complete with USB lead which makes it both internationally usable and convenient.
  • Can be used manually or with the compact, wireless remote supplied.
  • The dual motors offer 3 x constant speeds, 1 x pulse, 1 x wave and 1 x echo vibratory modes via a 4 button pushbutton interface.
  • Is waterproof for use in the bathroom as well as the bedroom.
  • Delivers quiet powerful vibrations simultaneously to the clitoris and g-spot and if used with your partner his penis.  😉
  • With a standby time of 45 minutes once paired with the remote.
  • This “U” shaped vibrator has penetrating end measuring 74.7mm with a basal width of 31.4mm.


Once the We-Vibe 4 was charged I placed it in readiness on my bedside drawers until later…

I watched as Alex’s car approached the house and ran upstairs to draw the bedroom curtains and slip under the duvet in readiness for some pre dinner action.

Alex got the message and came straight upstairs and in to the darkened bedroom.  He threw his suit jacket to the floor whispering “What’s all this then?”  I giggled my response to him whilst reaching eagerly for the We-Vibe and remote.

I quickly paired the vibe as Alex cast off the final vestiges of his day job so he could clock of for his night job.  😉

We feverishly kissed and then I grabbed the lube from my bottom draw applying a small drop to both ends of the vibe as he slid his hand up and down his quickly hardening cock.

Positioning the We-Vibe 4 I attempted to insert it between my swollen pussy lips and found that the angles were wrong for entry.  Using both hands I prised the two ends apart, allowing the tip to be inserted inside me.

Finally I managed to coerce the vibrator inside me with fingers now covered in lube.  I wiped them clean and pressed the control to fire her up.  The vibrations were deep and powerful but weren’t quite hitting my clitoris so I attempted to push the We-Vibe further inside me to aid contact.

This caused the clitoral end to dig in to me as the vibrator resisted and held position which felt uncomfortable.  However I manipulated the WV it remained closed and in its original position.  And therein lies the problem, you cannot configure the shape to fit you because of its new “huggable” shape.

After much fiddling about between my legs with Alex getting more and more frustrated I pressed the vibe in one more time then invited him to enter me as I wasn’t having much success going solo.

He made several attempts to enter me but the We-Vibe just wouldn’t conform and kept trying to make its exit.

In the end we just gave up.

We-Vibe 4 Summary

I’m sorry to say that for me the We-Vibe 4 just didn’t work solo or as a couple.  The frame is just too rigid to be comfortable and make sit impractical to wear.  I know why the designers have done this, it’s because the original could be too loose and could fall out as a result but they have over-engineered this version and taken things the other way.

It’s a shame because I had high expectations from the 4th edition but sadly it wasn’t to be.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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