Emotional Bliss WomoliaI Feel Like A Womolia …


I have had the pleasure of reviewing all the Emotional Bliss sex toy range except for the Womolia which I had placed in a cupboard and forgotten all about until now.  Unlike the other personal massagers in the range this one could also be put to use on aching muscles as I did today before playtime.

I’ve started working out at gym again and I had a rather stiff neck when I got back, I guess because I had been using it during my weight training.  I slipped out of my sweaty gym attire and took a shower to freshen up before indulging in a little afternoon delight.

As I sat on the bed rubbing my wet locks I caught site of the Womolia sitting on top of my bedside drawers and reached over for it.  The third continual speed placed on my aching neck muscles felt really good…a deep muscle massage…just the thing.  After a few minutes of running it around my neck I felt the tension ease, the vibrations are very powerful and unknotted me.

I’ll give you a run down of the Womolia’s features while I go and dry my hair…

  • She is fully rechargeable and after a 12 hour charge will provide 90-240 minutes of vibratory pleasure.
  • Is ergonomically shaped to sit comfortably in your hand when in use.
  • Has 3 modes, continual, pulse and escalation all with 3 different speeds, I’m sure there is a mode for everyone.
  • Comes complete with two 30ml bottles of lube, one water based and the other silicone for prolonged usage.
  • The soft plastic is infused with anti bacterial agent during production providing long term protection against bacteria
  • Heats up if left to run for 10-15 minutes before use, good for those cold winter days.  😉

Hair dry and ready for some afternoon fun I pulled the curtains closed and slipped under the duvet, disturbing the cat and making him jump off the bed.  A good thing really he tends to sit and watch, a little off putting to say the least.  Lol

We had just received some new porn and I reached for the DVD control, a little accompaniment is good and this was a girl on girl DVD, even better.  😉  It was a miserable damp, dark day and I wasn’t missing anything out there.

I placed the Womolia under the duvet to warm and switched her on so she warmed up ready for me.  The first scene on the DVD looked good, two brunettes caressing and kissing, I pressed play.

Within minutes my Womolia was warmed up and so was I, those girls really looked like they were actually enjoying each other, a rare treat with porn.  The girls were busy licking each other with the odd finger slipping in here and there and the long haired girl is delicious.

Pressing the on button I placed the vibrator between my legs and nuzzled it between my pussy lips.  I was a little dry so I popped a blob of water based lube on the tip and worked it around the head of the vibe.  That was better, no drag this time.

The raised cleft of the head fits neatly between your lips allowing access to the clitoris and I found the heat now being given off by the Womolia comforting and relaxing.  One by one I worked my way through the modes and speeds, eventually settling for one of the escalation modes.

I simply left the vibe wedged between my lips, resting it on my thighs.  This gave the strongest waves of vibration and this little baby is powerful.  My clit was responding to the attention and I’m sure I could feel it pulsing in time with the escalating rhythm.  One moment, just have to turn the volume down, those girls make some right noise and I have neighbours.  🙂

This felt really good but I wasn’t quite there yet.  I pressed the + button once more and was returned to the continuous vibratory mode.  Another couple of clicks and it was set to full vibration, I started to impulsively roll my hips just like I was using a small hoola hoop.

That was it!  I had found the perfect stimulation, the strong vibrations coupled with my hip movement was gently massaging my clitoris in to submission.  A touch of genious, I pressed my hand on to the back of the head nuzzling it firmly against my swollen bud.

The combination of vibration, pressure and movement soon had my back arching and I knew orgasm was imminent.  A few more gyrations and I was there, toes and fingers tingling as my body was wracked with pleasure.  A loud moan escaped from my lips as I placed my spine back on to the mattress.

This toy is wonderful for a vibrator newbie because it is so versatile, you can use it for massage, clitoral stimulation and even slip the tip inside for internal pleasure.  The trade off for such power is the noise level, it’s not a toy you could use discreetly, although it isn’t the loudest vibrator I have come across.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.