Geisha Lastic Balls From Adrien Lastic
Geisha Lastic Balls From Adrien Lastic

Here I go again, banging on about Adrien Lastic’s forward thinking perspective on sex toy development.  And how they package their products in sassy, professional looking packaging which urges you to open them.  😉

Seriously, the matt white outer box displaying the product complete with multilingual bullet points on the rear is just the start of a journey in to pleasure.

Once you slip away the outer coat, the pink, more intimate inner is revealed.  A clear cellophane cut out reveals a teasing glimpse of what lies within.  Inviting you to open the top of the inner box and removed the clear plastic housing the Geisha Lastic Balls are suspended in.

You will also find their easy read instruction manual and a black satin storage bag for stowing them away between uses.

The gate fold manual urges you to use the Geisha Lastic Balls to strengthen your pelvic floor, which will alleviate and prevent incontinence and help to strengthen the pelvic floor.  Particularly when you are post partum (just given birth).

In the past I have naively reviewed kegel balls as a sex toy because they were sold some years ago when I first tested them as being in the same category as “sex toys”.  And clearly they weren’t, they were an “aid sexual”.

Because, as we are all aware now.  Strong PC muscles are the key to a more enjoyable sex life and regrettably age, childbirth and other factors can steal away from us that which is most precious.  Sexual enjoyment.

Rather than viewing kegel balls as being something which will give us immediate sexual satisfaction as I believed in my early reviewing days, the end product is far more long term.  Strengthened internal muscles which will benefit both partners.

The balls are weighted to challenge your internal PC muscles, allowing you to do a little internal weight lifting.  So you can train your internal muscles as well as your external ones.  😉

Some years later I’m now a more enlightened sex toy tester and reviewer and I’m taking a different angle on these Geisha Lastic Balls than I did with the Original Fun Factory Smart Balls which ended up being suspended from my Christmas tree in ridicule of their lack of performance.  Lol

A misunderstood product, due to their marketing.

But now enlightened I will take a fresh look at this sexual alchemy and learn.

There is very little to say about the Adrien Lastic Geisha Lastic Balls at this point as they have no moving parts, other than they are very trendy, signature pink weighted balls complete with an integral removal loop.

So here goes, I’m off to the bedroom to slip them in…

Instinctively I retired to the bedroom, lying on the mattress in preparation of slipping my Geisha Lastic Balls inside me.  After applying a small drop of lube and running it around the outer sphere I parted my legs and slipped it inside applying gentle but firm pressure.

As I felt the first pop inside I applied the same force to the second sphere and moments later that one was inside me too.

I suppose the challenge now was that of gravity and I raised myself from the mattress.  Would Geisha Lastic Balls remain in place?  Or rather disappointingly ease out of my vagina?

To my relief they remained in place.  Phew!

Which then raised the question.

Where are the usage instructions?

Do you feel content that these balls remain in place, or do you have to work them with your PC muscles?

I felt this aspect of the product information was missing.  A little like purchasing a self assembly piece of bedroom furniture without the manual.

May I suggest you Google some appropriate exercises to carry out with the Geisha Lastic Balls to get the most out of not just your purchase but your sex life.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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