Zolo Backdoor Male Masturbator
Zolo Backdoor Male Masturbator

The Zolo Backdoor is a male masturbator that comes complete with lubricant and ready for an immediate, single use. If you’re familiar with masturbators you’ll be familiar with that concept, but more of that later. First of all I’ll cover the Backdoor’s features.

The hard plastic case of the masturbator is wrapped in a removable plastic wrapper that gives you the simple instructions on how to use your new Zolo. While it does mention the Zolo “Motion Lotion” lubricant these instructions don’t tell you that you must apply lube before trying to insert your penis into the Zolo Masturbator. Admittedly the instructions on the 10ml tube of Motion Lotion glycerine based lubricant do tell you to use lube but if you were a newbie and tried to gratify yourself without lube the experience would not be pleasant.

Removing the end of the wrapper, followed by the end-cap allows you to extract the lube sachet from the “Life like canal” made from soft elastomer and bonded to the inside of the plastic case. Squirt in some lube and perhaps apply a little to yourself, then remove the sticker covering the air hole at the other end of the toy and you are ready to experience just how realistic and/or stimulating this sex toy is.

During use you can adjust the suction on your erection by holding your finger over the air hole on the base of this “Zolo Cup”. As you slide inside you feel the different textures of the “canal” as illustrated on the outer wrapper, a series of ribbed and bobbled chambers joined by narrower ribbed tunnels. Not like any colon I’ve been inside, so I don’t think it’s entirely accurate to describe the canal as “life like” but the Zolo Backdoor certainly does it’s best to arouse and stimulate.

I squirted in the lube from the sachet and with erection proud and ready I pressed myself inside. And then stopped. In, out, in, out I tried to work myself inside, it wasn’t comfortable. With a little more lube from a bottle I had to hand I was able to get about two thirds of my length inside but it would have been inside a tighter ass than I’ve ever encountered and not really pleasurable at all. Because of the pressure on my cock I could hardly feel the carefully conceived and moulded texture inside the Zolo Backdoor.

To complete my tests I tried to increase the suction of the “Backdoor” by blocking the air hole as I tried to slide back out on the “out-stroke”. The masturbator clung on to my cock until finally the suction broke and the device emitted a farting sound as air was sucked inside past the soft sleeve.

In conclusion I have to draw a comparison with similar male masturbators, specifically the Tenga Ona Cups. How does the Zolo compare with them? Well in design there are a number of striking similarities because let’s face it there are only so many ways to make a single-use masturbator, but more importantly does the experience of using the Zolo measure-up to the Tenga devices? If you have a large girth then you’re not going to feel as much from this masturbator as you would from a more accommodating one but it would be perfect if you like a really tight fit above all else or find some masturbators a little too wide.


By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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