Smart Dream From Adrien Lastic
Smart Dream From Adrien Lastic

I’ll start this review of the Smart Dream clitoral and G Spot vibrator as I do for all Adrien Lastic with attention to the well designed and snappy looking packaging.

As with all Adrien Lastic’s products the Smart Dream is boxed in a stylish pink box with clear panel which reveals a teasing glimpse of the fun within.  This is sheathed with a sleek white casing with an image of the product on the front and on the rear multi lingual silver lettered bullet points.

Opening the internal box allows you to slide out the clear plastic insert housing the clitoral vibrator also the USB charger complete with optional European plug, a remote control (LRS), a quick user guide and a white satin drawstring storage pouch.

Everything you need to get started.  🙂

The Smart Dream looks unlike any other clitoral vibrator I’ve used probably because the Smart Dream is an egg with added clitoral stimulation. I did wonder for a moment if it would work as an anal toy but having looked more closely at the shape I don’t think it would fit properly.

Being an impatient lady I decided to plug the USB lead in to a 3 pin plug for speed of charging.  When the Smart Dream is charging the red light remains constant.

I read that the clitoral vibrator should be fully charged within 2 hours all I had to do was find something to amuse myself.  Opting for some Winter Olympics viewing soon passed the time.

The SD’s light has now gone out indicating she is up for some naughty action and in less than 2 hours.  Happy dance.  😉

So while I slip off to the bathroom to give her a good washing down with some anti bac soap you can read all about her attributes…least I think that’s what they are.  Lol

  • A two hour charge can give up to 3 hours of vibratory pleasures.
  • Offers 10 x vibratory modes including constant, escalation and pulsation.
  • Comes with a handy sleek remote control which operates via a button cell.  With a 3 x button interface it’s easy to use, simply press + to move up the settings and – to move down them and Off to terminate play.
  • Is waterproof for use in the bedroom and the bathroom.
  • Has 2 motors to tickle your fancy.  One housed in the tip and the other in the rounded base.
  • Is 9cm long with a diameter of 3.7cm

Before you commence play ensure that you pair your Smart Dream with the remote by pressing and holding the On/Off button for 3 x seconds.  It should give 1 x vibration to go in to remote control mode and 2 x to terminate.

Silly me I lubed up and was ready for action before I remembered.  I got lube all over everything.  Lol

I lay back on the bed, vibe in my left hand and remote in the right.  Placing the soles of my feet together made insertion easy.  As did the lube I applied earlier.

The Smart Dream slipped in to me with ease with the clitoral arm resting firmly over my clitoris.  I did wonder exactly how well the clitoral stimulator would sit on me as I’ve had bad experiences with “fixed” position clitoral stimulators in the past.

Not so with this one, it was as if it had been made to measure.  The pressure on my clitoris was just enough to form a contact for the vibrations to come and the egg sat securely inside me.  So often with eggs do you get the feeling that you simply shouldn’t move around for fear of them being “laid” from within your pussy.  Not so with this one, it felt securely hooked inside me.

I pressed the remote and found that nothing happened so I moved my hand nearer to my pubic area and the vibrations started.  Moving through the constant modes I discovered a very pleasing rotating escalation mode which soon had me smiling.

I enhanced the sensation by using my PC muscles to pull the Smart Dream against me, the action of releasing and grasping served to massage both my clitoris and g-spot simultaneously.  A very pleasurable experience.  😉

Despite this vibrator being cleverly designed and a perfect fit for my anatomy the vibrations fell a little short for me personally, I like a deep, strong thrumming.  But for a sex toy newbie or even an intermediate sex toy user this could be right up your street.




By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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