Xtreme Head Exciter
Xtreme Head Exciter

This sex toy for men falls into the very small category of penile head stimulators. Or at least the small number of sex toys specifically designed for that. Unlike masturbators or other strokers the sole purpose of this sex toy is to rub the end of the penis, glands and corona and not to stimulate the shaft of your penis.

The Extreme Head Exciter does this by oscillating back and forth in a reciprocating rather that rotating or vibrating action. This means that two thirds of the toy’s length is taken up by the drive mechanism and four AA batteries to power it. The remaining third contains a soft plastic (TPR) sleeve moulded with nodules and a small opening for you to insert yourself when erect. The sleeve can be removed easily for cleaning which is just as well because the drive section of the toy is not waterproof and can only be cleaned safely with a damp cloth.

The movement of the Head Exciter has just two settings, slow and fast but no vibration setting to augment it. It seems like an odd omission but let’s see if it makes and difference to my enjoyment of the Xtreme Head Exciter.

Having worked myself up to full erection and previously lubed up the sleeve ready for action I slid myself into the Head Exciter. Or to be more accurate I slid the head of my cock inside because that’s all I could get inside. I switched on the mechanism to level one and waited for the fireworks … they didn’t happen.

The problem is to do with the length and diameter of the sleeve, plus the lack of air holes. The diameter of my erect penis was large enough to form an airtight seal at the entrance to the sleeve, meaning that when enough air had been displaced to allow me inside the whole of the head of my penis was held firmly in the sleeve. So when the back and forth motion began it simply tugged and pushed my erection against my crotch, not a pleasant feeling. I felt no stimulation to the head of my cock at all and didn’t even try the second, faster speed of this device.

If there had been some way to allow air in and out of the sleeve at the beginning and the end of each stroke – i.e. a few air holes – then things might have been better. If the sleeve had been deeper too then even better, but alas no.

Far from providing a new and unusual sensation my experience of the Xtreme Head Exciter was that of an uncomfortable tugging at my tackle.

By Suze

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