X On The Lips Lipbalm From Sensuva
X On The Lips Lipbalm From Sensuva

This is a zappy new product which I would slot into the category of “Sex Accessory” along with other intimate side dishes on the market.

 Sensuva X OnThe Lips lip balm is described as “electrifying your kiss” and “sharing the energy”.  So I couldn’t wait to put it to the test with my adventurous nature.  😉

The last product I tested in the Sensuva range was the On Natural Arousal Oil which didn’t agree with me so maybe this time I would find the arousing lip balm with pheromones to be effective and arousing for both me and my partner.

X On The Lips lip balm comes in no fuss packaging and includes a quick usage guide on the rear of the box and a lengthy and protracted kissing guide.  This features suggestions for situations to apply the lip balm some of them being pretty cheesy (you’ll see why in a moment) including the “Spaghetti & Meatballs Kiss” which does actually suggest that you both tuck in to a shared plate of the Italian delight and share a “noodle” (let’s not forget that we are eating Italian here. Lol) resulting in a delicious kiss.  Ok, in the film maybe.  Lol

At this point I started to become sceptical of the product’s claims and hoped testing would dissolve any reservations I had.  I have to say that if a product is over sold it tends to form doubt in my mind, ever the sceptic. Especially as there are a total of 39 kissing suggestions and a Top 10 Of Health Benefits Of Kissing, maybe over the years I’ve ready too many Sex 101’s.

I selected a balmy evening when Alex and I were both, lets make no bones of this…up for it.  Lol  Alex reclined on the bed as I removed the lid of the Sensuva X On The Lips and wound up the lip balm for application.

Application felt just like any other lip balm and my lips when rubbed together felt moisturised and soft.  I waited for the effect to hit.  Unlike the hype, it didn’t take moments for things to happen but I would estimate a couple of minutes.

Then I felt the sensation of a slight tingle, followed by a warm sensation on both lips.  At this point I leaned in to kiss Alex on the lips and hopefully to share the experience.  I was careful not to add too much saliva to the mix being unsure how this “electrifying your kiss” technology worked.

There was no immediate effect,  however a couple of minutes later Alex said that his lips were now tingling and warming.  As for the pheromones … not much to report there.

Interest peaked but with no firm affirmation that this product would spice up my bedroom encounters I decided to step things up a little.

I applied a fresh coating of X On The Lips to my pout and went down on Alex’s now aroused manhood.  Careful to use my lips and not to overly wet his erect cock I took him between my lips enclosing them firmly around him for maximum contact.

He grew in my mouth as I slid my lips up and down his firm shaft waiting for his response.  It took a while before he eventually sensed warmth around his erection but nothing earth shatteringly good.

I hate to say this because I had strong hopes for this product but I think you would probably achieve the same or more from applying a mild chilli to the lips before kissing or fellating your partner.  Or you could give fresh ginger a try.  Just a thought from someone who didn’t have that “Mind-blowing sensation” quoted on the box.






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