Bonnie & Clyde Vibrator From Adrien Lastic
Bonnie & Clyde Vibrator From Adrien Lastic

I first happened on this relatively new player in the adult market last October at the eroFame Show in Hanover, Germany.

Way back then I recall being impressed at their fresh and innovative approach to sex toy design.  Gone are the old and stuffy vibrators and clitoral massagers as Adrien Lastic breathe a breath of fresh air over sex toy design.

The Bonnie & Clyde is a perfect example of their dedication to bringing a whole new experience and concept to the bedroom.  This is one of three vibrators which can not only be operated via their integral controls but also using the Adrien Lastic LRS –  The LRS is an acronym for Lastic Remote System.

Once you have purchased your remote it will operate all three vibrators in the range, so no repeat purchases are necessary.

Your Bonnie & Clyde is packaged inside a pink, cellophane fronted box with the company logo emblazoned on the sides in silver.  A white sleeve with an image of the product on the front and product information sheaths the box.  A stylish and trendy look.

Charging of your Bonnie & Clyde is achieved in one of two ways, either via your PC’s USB port or the lead can be plugged into the base of a two pin plug for mains charging.  A very versatile method which could further be improved by offering a 3 pin plug for the UK market, although most UK homes have a two pin adapter for shavers and electric toothbrushes.

Using the LRS system you can pair your vibrator to the control unit which enables you to turn the vibrator on and off and work through the modes.  Although you can also manually adjust the modes on both the shaft and clit stim via the vibrator interface.

And unlike some wireless remote controls this one is responsive.  The remote itself is a slim-line lozenge shape in matching candy pink and black livery.  The remote control is powered a CR2032 battery which was included, and easily replaced  with the spare one supplied.

Pairing of your vibrator and remote is easy, simply press and hold the two + buttons on the base of the vibe for 5 seconds.  Then you turn on the remote for Mode control.  You will need to follow these steps each time you select remote operation as the pairing doesn’t last for long once your vibrator is turned off. You also need to remember to un-pair the remote after use by pressing the “-“ buttons in for 5 seconds as I found out the hard way. The vibe seems to go into a sort of stand-by listening mode with a single LED illuminated. Left like that overnight the vibe seems to run down its batteries 🙁

So what do the pair have to offer ? (Bonny & Clyde, if you weren’t keeping up. Lol)

  • 10 x rotational modes on the shaft and 10 modes of the clitoral vibrator.
  • Is fully charged in 1.5 hours.  NOTE: the instructions are a little unclear.  Both the charger and vibrator show a red light when on charge but the charger will display a green light once fully charged, unlike other vibes where the light changes on the vibrator.
  • Is flexible in charging, offering both USB and mains so you can keep your vibe ready for action.
  • There’s a wireless remote control which works with this vibe and another 2 vibes in this why not hand over control to your partner for even more fun.
  • The vibrator has a seamless soft touch finish with a flexible, squirmy shaft.
  • Can be enjoyed in your bathroom or wet room as an extension to your pleasure.

It was one of the hottest days of the year, yet again!  I was too hot to continue to work.  Despite wearing just a summer dress and sitting in the office being cooled by my office fan, it just wasn’t enough.

I decided to retire to my boudoir next door, a perk of being able to work from home.  😉

Having pressed the “+” buttons on either side of the shaft of my Bonny & Clyde I was now remote enabled.

Without ceremony I flopped on to the bed, legs akimbo, soles of my feet together.  A quick hitch of my dress and I was ready for some fun out of the sun.  I applied a generous drop of water based lube to the tip and worked it around the top of the generously sized shaft.  Then I ran the excess lube on my finger between my pussy lips.

The Bonnie & Clyde vibrator slipped easily in to place and the girth certainly makes you feel full.  Once in place with the head of the clit vibe pressing against my aroused clitoris I was ready to take whatever the pair were offering.

I took the remote control through several settings trying to find the right combination of clitoral thrum and shaft rotation.  No. 5 did it for me a combo of clockwise/anticlockwise rotations and pulsing pattern on the clitoral vibrator.

Some rotational vibrators come to halt once restricted by the vagina and vaginal walls rendering them all but useless when it comes to internal stimulation.  This is not so with this vibrator, it continues to serve even when you give it a slight internal grip with your PC muscles.  A good sign.  🙂

At this power setting the Bonnie & Clyde isn’t silent but the power to sound ratio is fare for such pleasure.

This vibrator’s bulbous base sits very comfortably in you palm and feels nice to hold.  The silicone is silky to the touch and the finish almost seamless.  As for the wireless remote it feels nice to hold and the buttons are easy to operate.

I found the clit vibe would have been just as effective without the silicone loop at the tip as this doesn’t tend to enhance stimulation.  When in position the loop was wedged up against the top of my clitoris whilst the main shaft of the stimulator pressed against me. Maybe the loop is there to represent bunny ears rather than having any practical function?

It didn’t take long for the combination of internal massage and clitoral hum to make me quiver with delight as I gasped a last breath before coming to a shuddering halt on the bed.  I was hot and sticky when I entered the bedroom and I was even more so now.

Having only explored half of the Bonnie & Clyde’s modes I’m guaranteed to return to the bedroom to test the rest but for now I’m quite sated.

The Bonnie & Clyde has quite a substantial shaft so is probably best suited to intermediate to pro users but should be on your list of vibes to aspire to if you are a newbie.






By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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