Delight Throb Anal Beads
Delight Throb Anal Beads

I suppose there’s something quite endearing about a set of silicone anal beads with a slightly odd name like the “Delight Throb” anal beads from NMC. It’s one of those names that you have to assume was created by Google Translator.

The five beaded set are a one-piece silicone moulding that is suitable for beginners to anal beads. No huge diameters here with each bobbly, textured bead being 1.8cm in diameter and separated by about 3cm of smooth silicone. Grab your water based lubricant, apply liberally and away you go.

I let Suze slowly feed these spikey little balls up my ass while she gently massaged my cock. I was relaxed and horny with her sure and steady stroking of my shaft accompanied by the insistent pressure of her finger pushing each nobly sphere against my anus. Although I was well lubed with a nice thick gel lubricant I found that on entry each of the anal beads seemed to scrape its way inside me. Not in a painful way but with much more sensation than a set of more conventional, smooth beads.

Because the connecting silicone is flexible she had to press against the balls themselves to coax them on their way into my tight anus. Once half inside the muscles of my sphincter took over and drew each of them in until all that was left protruding was the removal ring.

A few minutes later she had me on the edge of orgasm and with the timing and dexterity of a master masturbator she began to extract the beads in time with the final firm strokes of her hand that brought me to orgasm. I moaned a satisfied moan with each streamer of hot cum that flew across my chest and stomach, my ass gripping then releasing the beads as Suze withdrew them to increase the intensity of my climax. Breathless I opened my eyes to see her knelt on the bed next to me smiling at the site of my cum spattered stomach.

These anal beads are not the easiest to insert, Suze had to work out the right technique, however they are not large and score well because they are easy to clean and made from good quality, hygienic materials. If you buy them make sure you lube up well because even more so than smooth anal beads they make their presence know when being inserted and removed.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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