RO-Lux Vibrator From Rocks Off
RO-Lux Vibrator From Rocks Off

It’s always a pleasure to review a product from Rocks-Off, I think the experienced is enhanced by the knowledge that this company is one of the premiere British producers of sex toys.

I’m also taken with the new packaging and livery their products are now presented in.  The clear window on the front of the box displays the Ro-Lux laying in a black velveteen insert and shows off its spangly finish.

This product not only looks classy but tempting to play with.

The stylish black/purple box with raised glossy artwork sets off this product perfectly and the rear is informative but concise.  In the bottom left corner there is a sticker telling you when the batteries (which are included)are due to expire so as not to disappoint if the product has been on a shelf for a while. Though I’d be surprised if this product gathers dust in your local sex shop.

Yes, this vibe is very thoughtfully packaged complete with batteries so you are ready to go from the moment you have it in your hands.  There is nothing worse than having to search for batteries to only find you have used the last ones!

A bullet vibrator is one of the most versatile sex toys you can possess because there are so many applications for it – to stimulate and arouse nipples, the clitoris, for shallow vaginal penetration or to arouse your partner by placing it against his perineum or frenulum.

This time round it was all about me.  Let me tell you all about my latest friend’s pleasure points…

  • Offers indulgent arousal, on Oh so many levels!
  • Will make your toes curl with 7 functions to indulge your senses in.
  • Comes complete with 1 x AAA battery for instant pleasure.  😉  Yes, that’s all you need to enjoy quiet but powerful vibrations.
  • 100% waterproof for some wet room fun.
  • Select your pleasure with the uncomplicated single push button interface..
  • Is small enough to slip in to your handbag, pocket or car glove box for fun on the run.
  • Can be operated easily using the single push button interface.  Simply press the button repeatedly to cycle through the modes and hold in for a few seconds to power off.
  • The round nosed tip of the RO-Lux readily lends itself to clitoral play and it’s been a while since I flicked my bean so why not follow me in to the boudoir and we’ll get started.

I found this bullet seems to retain heat well, either because of its spangly finished or its plastic construction –  it had been a warm day and the RO-Lux was at a useable and comfortable temperature.  You could cool or heat this bullet vibe simply by holding it under the running tap.

But for now let’s just get down and dirty while the sun shines.

Pulling the curtains to I made my way round to my side of the bed.  Don’t you think it’s strange that we all adopt a side on the bed and stick to it?  Perhaps a discussion for later. Lol

Casting my jeans and panties aside I fell back on to the mattress placing the soles of my feet together.  In this position I have easy access to myself.  I pressed the power button once, twice, thrice and then decided to plunge the bullet inside my moist hole.

The RO-Lux is long enough to provide shallow vaginal penetration and despite not being the fattest of vibes it felt good nuzzled inside me.  My vaginal walls rippled with the vibrations.  Now aroused and moist I eased the vibe from me placing it against my pulsing clitoris.

Moving the vibe in a clockwise direction over my swollen sex was very nice but not quite doing it for me and I began to get slightly frustrated.  I decided to add a drop of lube to the tip of the RO-Lux.  Wow, the lube did it … moments later I was enveloped in a sense of well being as my climax built.

I was now on the brink of…


My heart is still racing as I type this in to my PC.

The RO-Lux is the ideal bullet vibrator for anyone.  It’s unchallenging, powerful and versatile.  Simply use and abuse.





By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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