Lovers Cocktails Massage Lotion
Lovers Cocktails Massage Lotion

Cocktail Warming Massage Lotion

We were sent a “Big Orange” Lover’s Cocktail Warming Massage Lotion to test by We’ve tried a few massage oils in the past so was this going to be anything special?

First of all the cocktail bit. Ours was a big Orange, so rather appropriate I suppose – a Screwdriver, LOL. It smelled pretty orangey and not unpleasant. I say that for two reasons. Some “flavoured” adult products just smell fruity and taste saccharin-sweet, and because I hate orange squash – the cheap varieties make me cough – I think it’s the aspartame that’s used in them. While using it I did try licking some from Suze’s skin. It did taste vaguely orangey, but suffered a little from the over-sweetness that other flavoured products have. However it’s tolerable and not the worst we’ve used.

And it didn’t have me coughing. LOL

In use the only criticism is opening the glass shaped bottle. In the inset image you’ll notice that the container is shaped like a cocktail glass. Very attractive, but to use it you have to invert it and remove the “base” of the glass, then peel off the foil seal. That was virtually impossible and took me about a minute. You’re then left with a conical flask full of the massage lotion. This is of course a very stable shape so it’s not easy to knock over.

Using the lotion is very pleasant, both for the person applying it and the partner being massaged. You only need a little, so this cocktail will last you more than one evening. In fact unless you decide to get completely oiled up for some slippery sex then it’ll last you for at least half a dozen back rubs.

As you massage your partner the oil slowly dissipates, partly by evaporation and partly by absorption. You get time to give them a slow and sensuous massage, accompanied by a fruity scent with just a couple of teaspoons of lotion.

When being massaged this lotion feels like the most expensive of oils and is accompanied by a lovely fragrance often lacking in other products. It’s also easily removed from hands by washing with soap and a quick wipe with a paper towel removes all but the slightest traces of residue from the skin of the recipient of the massage.

Storage can be a problem. The “base” of the glass is the screw-stopper for the bottle and once the foil is removed we couldn’t get a good seal – so store this one upside-down.

For the price this is a great product for you both to enjoy. The bottle design could be better but the Lover’s Cocktail is fun to use and that after all is what counts.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.