Geisha Erotic Body Care Kit
Geisha Erotic Body Care Kit

Sex toys come in all shapes and guises.  OK, forgive me that one.  Lol  This lovely Hiroko Gift Set is multi functional and the perfect gift on Valentines Day, one you can both enjoy in the bedroom.

Foreplay is a prelude to good sex and the intimacy of touch and massage aids relaxation and encourages openness and play.  What better way to start an evening than lavishing attention on each other with this wonderful massage gift set.

I looked up the Japanese translation of the female name Hiroko and it breaks down thus (hiro) “tolerant, generous”, (hiro) “abundant” or (hiro) “prosperous” combined with (ko) “child”.

The Geisha Hiroko Gift Set is very nicely packaged with a stylised organic Japanese themed box with window and includes:

  • A dinky feather tickler to tease and please your partner, enjoy the sensuality of soft feathers brushing against your naked flesh
  • 100ml of luxury massage oil enriched with vitamins E & F and fragranced with ginseng, cedarwood, amber, clove, vanilla and musk.
  • One powerful massager which is ergonomically shaped, sitting comfortably in the hand.  It offers 5 levels of stimulation and pulsation.

Oh, and it’s powered by 2 AAA batteries.

I was planning on waiting until nearer the day to test this luxurious gift set but today made my mind up for me.  It was damp, foggy, cold and dreary.  Neither of us felt like leaving the house opting to stay in and snuggle up.

Alex made tea and toast for breakfast whilst I headed for the bathroom to freshen up.  After a quick wash and a good teeth brushing to freshen my breath I returned to the bedroom just in time to receive my breakfast.

I washed up whilst Alex freshened up and when I returned upstairs he had already unpackaged the oil, tickler and cleaned and loaded the batteries in the massager.  They were waiting patiently on my bedside drawers.

Slipping off my robe I slipped under the duvet shivering as I snuggled next to Alex.  “I’ve turned the heating up in preparation”, he added and I smiled and hugged him, placing a kiss on his lips.

“Slip off your nightshirt and roll over”, he instructed.  I removed my garment and rolled on to my stomach, head pointing to the right.  I felt the gentle brush of something soft as it glided around my back and up and down my spine caressing my flesh.  The feather tickler felt really relaxing and soothing and brought about giggles as he traced across my shoulders and the nape of my neck.

I could feel the tension ebbing out of me as the cool droplets hit my back and the hands gently distributed it over my shoulders and down to waist level.  The oil is very delicately fragranced with subtle spices and isn’t at all over bearing, suitable for both male and females, androgynous.

Alex placed the massager on my back set to continuous vibration he glided it over my back it’s transition made smooth by the traces of oil on my skin.  It felt like a firm vibration hand running over me, ironing out those knots and relaxing my muscles.  I’ve never had oils massaged in to my skin by a vibrating toy before, it began to arouse me.  Make me feel a little bit naughty.  I ground my pubis in to the bed as he rolled it over me, I don’t think he noticed.  😉

The aroma from the Delight massage oil wafted under my nose adding to the moment and peaking my senses.  Finally Alex pressed the button to pulse and traced a line up my spine and it make my hair stand on end, it felt so good.  When the vibration stopped I felt a little disappointed but I accepted that all good things have to come to an end.

Or do they…

Alex went to the bathroom to wash his hands and I reached over to his side of the bed to retrieve the massager.  I took a piece of tissue and wiped the residue oil from the massager and then slipped it under the covers…

This is an exquisite sensual gift that you give to your lover but is actually for you both. Stylishly presented and simply to use it enhances foreplay, encourages relaxation and allows you to explore the sensual aspects of sexual stimulation.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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