Swede Strawberry Massage Oil
Swede Strawberry Massage Oil

Swede’s Sparkling Strawberry Wine is a massage lotion that combines the smell of sweet strawberries with a warming action. It’s easy when you are writing sex toy reviews to ignore those little bottles of sensual pleasure that can accompany your exciting, buzzing, orgasm inducing tools of pleasure. Foreplay can be enhanced by a little massage with the right oils and lotions.

This one from Swede is surprising in several ways.

First the thought of anything strawberry flavoured or scented does not appeal to me as while I love strawberries I tend to find that as a scent in a bottle or as a flavour it’s often too sweet and sickly. In the bottle the Swede Strawberry Wine massage lotion is almost too sweet. When I applied it to Suze’s back it lost its sweeter edge and became richer and far more pleasant.

Of course it then began to warm her back and my hands. Exposure to air triggers the warming action. Combined with my slow, deep massage Suze was soon groaning in the most appreciative of ways.

This massage lotion does have one slight problem. It’s not quite as lubricating as it might be so you have to apply more than you would first think to make for a practical massage. However this is a small criticism as the extra required amounted to only a few drops.

This sort of product is perfect as a precursor to bedroom naughtiness and certainly got us in the mood. But please remember one thing – wash your hands before getting touchy-feely as there is the potential for irritation if the warming agents come into contact with your partner’s genitals or yours … though that may be your thing of course … LOL

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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