Nuru Massage Starter Kit
Nuru Massage Starter Kit

Nuru massage is a Japanese massage that is currently taking London by storm. Intoxicating, erotic and intensely pleasurable, this stimulating experience can be enjoyed by men, women and couples. As well as offering a highly relaxing treat, nuru massage boasts a wide range of benefits that many are becoming more accustomed to. Here are a few reasons why nuru massage is becoming incredibly popular and whys it’s a treatment I highly recommend.

What exactly is nuru massage?

Nuru massage is an ancient form of Japanese massage, whereby a professionally trained masseuse uses sliding techniques to erotically massage the client. The participants in nuru massage are both covered in a slippery oil, which is then heated and used as a lubricant. The sensations felt are extremely blissful, with many receiving a happy ending.

What is nuru gel?

The oil used during nuru massage consists of an old recipe, formulated with several botanical extracts. These include seaweed extract or Nori, to be precise, which is found in deep waters on the coastline of Japan. Furthermore, grapefruit extract and Aloe Vera gel are used alongside water to create the slippery nuru gel that can be used for body to body contact.

Why shouldn’t regular oil be used?

Nuru oil makes a fantastic lubricant, offering many moisturising benefits for the body. It’s also much more convenient to use than other oils or gels as it has no odour, taste or colour. Traditional nuru gel makes a massage much sexier and easier to slide into your partner.

Why is Nuru massage becoming so popular?

It offers sexual pleasure to satisfy your needs

Nuru massage can be performed on both men and women, regardless of your sexuality. Female on female massage allows you to be adventurous with your own gender, opening your mind to new experiences, while men can enjoy the gratification a nuru massage brings. Whether you are in a relationship or single, engaging in a nuru massage is a fantastic experience, creating lots of sexual energy. If you’re feeling frustrated with sex, suffering from erectile dysfunction or have sexual desires that require fulfilling, a nuru massage can help to relieve feelings of tension or anxiety. A nuru massage is a safe and healthy activity that you can enjoy without having to rely on a partner and you can relish the experience for hours after it has taken place.

It helps your relationship

Nuru massage is an activity that both you and a partner can enjoy. For maximum benefits, I suggest using a professionally trained masseuse, however, you can initiate a nuru massage with your partner. This sensuous experience is perfect for boosting your relationship. You can gain the benefits of intimacy, as well as connecting on a mental and physical level. Furthermore, watching your partner receive joyous sensations from a nuru massage is very fulfilling.

By enjoying regular nuru massages, your sexual confidence will increase as you engage in a new activity and receive erotic stimulation. If you’ve been struggling with feelings of closeness, or perhaps, feeling stressed about your sex life, a nuru massage can certainly provide the ideal solution for resolving any issues you have in the bedroom.

It boasts health benefits

Did you know that nuru massage boasts many health benefits? As well as providing sexual satisfaction, regular nuru massage helps to relieve tension and feelings of stress by ensuring that you’re completely relaxed during the treatment. If you have a busy lifestyle that often leaves you feeling drained, I recommend a nuru massage to help you fully unwind. This experience is also great for relieving muscle tension. Many people suffer from sore muscles and with nuru massage, the techniques used will help to relax your muscles, so you feel completely calm after treatment.

The botanical extracts used in nuru oil is intensely hydrating on the skin, helping to leave you feeling moisturised and supple. The mixture is heated before treatment commences, in order to provide the best slippery gel possible. It helps to feed your skin with nourishment and is an amazing lubricant, so you benefit from the best techniques to make your body savour the delicious sensations.


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