Lylou Tangerine Massage Gel
Lylou Tangerine Massage Gel

Sensual massage is one of the most erotic things you and your lover can indulge in to make your intimate moments even more indulgent and intense. Simply Pleasure sent us this massage gel to evaluate. So not a sex toy review this time but most definitely a very adult product.

This product was one to try at the weekend, it’s all about indulgence and taking your time. We waited until early evening when the light was fading and we had opened a bottle of wine. With the room pleasantly warm we both got naked and took it in turns to have the massage gel drizzled onto our backs and languorously rubbed in.

The aroma of this product is subtle and very pleasant. The sweetness of the tangerines mixed with a little lime to ensure it does not become overpowering. We were  rather surprised that the viscosity of the product wasn’t higher. Being called a massage gel we assumed it would be less likely to drip and run off parts of your body that weren’t horizontal. However due to the pump-action dispenser it’s very difficult to over apply and we didn’t spill a drop.

While we were applying the massage geland rubbing it into each other’s naked flesh we got the impression that we were applying quite a lot of the product. However checking the level in the bottle afterwards it appears that was not the case. The pump dispenser means you get just the right amount without spillage and the bottle appears to have another 8 or 10 sessions left in it, so in total around 20 or so individual back massages.

The scent of the massage gel and of course the massage itself really put us in the mood but it also left us a little tacky. Sometimes a product like this simply needs the excess removing with a little paper towel and will then become absorbed into the skin. In this case we felt a little sticky so had to wash each other’s back before we got down to the important business of following up the sensual massage with a bit of serious naughtiness.

On the plus side the LyLou massage gel smells great, fresh and sweet without being sickly at all. It also works fine as a massage oil with the warming effect adding to the experience. However I expected a more viscous product, less prone to dripping  – at least that’s what gel in the name said to me. And then there’s the stickiness. It would have been nice to have your skin absorb the product and not have to worry about adhering to the sheets. You don’t end up like a fly paper but until you have had a quick wash you are very conscious of the residue.

This is a good product, more economical than we first thought and if you don’t mind the slight stickiness afterwards certainly one to consider.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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