Sin Five Ilo
Sin Five Ilo

When it comes to sinning I’m an expert so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to sex toy test and review the Sin Five Ilo.  Or as I lovingly know it, the “Sex Bomb”, well it does look a little like a love missile don’t you think.  😉

I was impressed with the look and feel of this vibrator, its German origins shines through in the quality and design of the Sin Five Ilo.  And much to my surprise rather than the shaft being rigid and unyielding ABS plastic, it’s soft and pliable with a flexible silicone shaft for ease of use and imaginative play.

It was also nice to discover a couple of batteries are included with your toy so you can be up and running as soon as you open your naughty little package.  Nice touch Sin Five!  You are also provided with a multi lingual user guide where you will be hard pressed not to find instructions in your mother tongue.

And now before some explosive action here are my sex bomb’s munitions.

  • Featuring a wide tip for massage and stimulation of the nipples, clitoris and anything else you care to tantalise.
  • Has easy to operate raised + and – buttons on the base so you can feel your way to a great orgasm.  😉
  • Made from 100% antimicrobial silicone for hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Offers 5 x vibration intensities and 3 x pulsation to blow your mind.

I had spent a long awaited morning in the garden, due to the bad weather at the end of last year I hadn’t been able to do much out there before we were in the grip of a horrible winter.

My bushes were neatly trimmed and my grass manicured and I was all hot a sweaty.  I don’t know what it is but something about being outside in the fresh air on a sunny day always makes me feeI randy and today was no exception.

I put my tools away and made for the bathroom and a nice hot shower.  Whilst pulling the bedroom curtains too I suddenly remembered my Ilo was patiently waiting to come out of my bedside drawer to play and what the hell, I was already hot and sweaty…

…moments later I was laying on top of the bed with my jeans and panties next to me on the bedroom floor.  I could feel my nipples pushing against the soft lace cups of my bra, each movement I make grazing them against the fabric.

Reaching up inside my t-shirt I took my right nipple between my thumb and finger and gave it a firm squeeze.  This made me shiver and my pussy pulse with the sudden flush of blood to my lips.  I felt so damn horny.

I rolled over on to my side and retrieved my Sin Five Ilo from my draw.  It felt soft and sensuous in my hand, the silicone velvety to the touch.  My desire to come dispensed with the need for foreplay, this girl wanted some action.  Pressing the + button I took the vibrations to maximum and placed the blunt tip against my eager clitoris.

Oooh, that felt so good as I rubbed the tip over my clitoris, the vibrations penetrating me teasing my nerve endings and making me squirm.  I now lay the Ilo on its side with the fluted end resting on my swollen bud and using the ridged edge to massage myself.  I could feel the tell tale tingling begin but …No.  I didn’t want to come this way, not yet.

Another depression of the + button took it in to pulsation mode as I placed the vibe at my opening.  I was moist and it only took the lightest of pushes to enter my vaginal passage.  As I pushed the Ilo inside I could feel the benefit of those ridges running along the tip.

The Ilo’s ridges heighten the feeling of being penetrated as I pushed in my vibe slowly inside me savouring the feeling, enhancing the moment with my eyes closed shut.  I quite often don’t know how best to use a vibe until it’s inside me and then intuitively it comes to me.

And I knew this baby would feel good working in and out of me, massaging my vaginal passage with each stroke.  I started to slowly withdraw my vibrator, once again enjoying those ridges doing their stuff.

Another press of the + button turned the Ilo in to a throbbing, buzzing weapon of love and I started to fuck myself with vigour.  My hand was working that vibe in and out of me like a pro bringing me closer to orgasm.

I added a slight twist to each stroke and that did the trick, OMG did that do the trick.  The combination of fucking, massaging my vaginal wall and the powerful vibrations took me tipping point.  I tried to resist the urge to bear down and come, wanting  to hold myself on the brink for just a little bit longer but I just didn’t have the will to do it.

I’m glad the neighbours were out as I vocalised my pleasure for all the world to hear and my cat who’s bell could be heard making its way to my room.  Heart racing, breathing rapidly I turned my head in the direction of the bell and my cat looking accusingly at me.

The Sin Five Ilo is a versatile vibrator which I would recommend to any level of toy user for that very reason.  I advise you to experiment with the Ilo it’s more than just a fuck.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.