Nexus O Max
Nexus O Max

The Nexus O has a bigger brother, the Nexus O Max. As the name implies this male sex toy is more in every way so a sex toy review of this model from the Nexus range of quality male sex toys should reflect that, right. Of course.

The Nexus O Max male G-Spot massager takes the experience of the Nexus O to the next level. It is like its smaller brother constructed from high grade silicone but it’s bigger in every way from the overall size of the toy to the girth of the shaft and the diameter of the bulbous heads.

Because of the larger size I would strongly recommend you to not try this as your first anal sex toy. Start with something like the Nexus O, and if you like it then perhaps try something bigger like the O Max. If you are a bit of an anal fiend of course then the Nexus O Max could just fit the bill. Using the Nexus O to penetrate your own ass or having someone do it for you requires relaxation and a lot of lube. You have to be ready to accept the 40mm diameter balls that form each end of the toy. The 28mm diameter shafts only allow your stretched ass a little respite, take if from someone who knows; When the outer ball comes to rest against your perineum and presses hard behind your nut sack you are going to feel like you’ve been well and truly filled.

Clenching and unclenching your ass muscles on the shaft will move the toy, massaging your P Spot and making your ass tingle. You’ll feel the pressure on your perineum too, I do love having the skin behind my scrotum massaged.

As for more advanced technique, squatting upright can be a good idea. You can rest the middle ball of the Nexus O on the floor/mattress and use that to apply pressure on the toy and in conjunction with hip and muscle movement manipulate the massager hands-free. Leaving you with two hands to attend to other matters hehehe.

On a practical note, use plenty of good quality water based lubricant. Relax before you start and experiment with positions as you insert the Nexus O Max so you feel the intense effects of the tip massaging your P Spot without discomfort. Let your body get used to the presence of this heavyweight sex toy and when you’re completely at home with it filling your ass stroke yourself to perhaps the most intense orgasm of your life. Masturbation using a quality P Spot massager like this will leave you gasping for breath. And just when you think the fun is over sliding out the toy when you’re done will make you gasp one last time.

Because this toy is made from smooth, high quality silicone it’s easy to clean – and you should clean it before and after use. You can even change the temperature before use with hot or cold water.

Like I said, the Nexus O Max is not for the beginner but perfect for  the man who loves anal action and loves to be filled to the max.

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By Suze

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