Seven Creations Thrusting Rabbit
Seven Creations Thrusting Rabbit

Before you say it, yes I have done lots of rabbit sex toy reviews but I thought this one had something a little different.  The key word there being different, because this more is more compact than your average rabbit, has vibration modes and a thrusting head.

There, I’ve got you on side now haven’t I?

The question is will this baby rabbit measure up to its bigger counterparts remembering that old adage that size isn’t everything?  😉  This little bunny as I will refer to it is only 22cm in length so unlike some rabbits it’s not cumbersome to handle and looks quite cute.

Of all nights to choose to review this toy it’s Bonfire Night and there are fireworks going off outside and pretty soon they will be going off in my bedroom too.  But before I enjoy the pyrotechnics I’ll give you a quick rundown of the Rabbit Thruster’s pedigree.

  • Offers 3 x speeds and tworotational options.
  • The clitoral stimulator has 7 vibratory patters for you to choose from.
  • In addition to the speed settings there are a further1 x escalating  and 3 x pulsating modes.
  • Is reasonably quiet in operation.
  • Operates via 3 x AAA batteries.

Because of its compact size could be slipped in to a handbag or glovebox for some fun on the run.

With lights out I close the curtains to the bedroom leaving a small gap to watch the fireworks as they illuminate the dark evening sky.

I make my way over to my side of the bed and remove my clothes letting them fall in a heap next to the bed.  The heating is on and for some reason I feel quite warm, maybe I’m catching a cold or the air temperature is above average tonight, either way I don’t need the duvet.

My Rabbit Thruster was prepared earlier and awaits my attention on my bedside draws.  I don’t know quite why but these dark nights when I’m all secure and snuggled in the house make me feel quite randy.  I know.  Don’t understand it myself but there you go.

As I pick up the rabbit I realise that not everything is quite as warm as me and I place it between my hot thighs or should I say my handy toy warmer.  Lol

Because this vibe has a jelly like coating I need to apply a small amount of water based lube to avoid that uncomfortable pull that it sometimes creates.  Once slicked my Rabbit Thruster is ready to create its own display.

After familiarising myself with the controls I insert the tip into my rather hot pussy just as a huge rocket explodes outside my window.  I don’t think I will need to worry about the neighbours hearing me tonight.  😉

The Rabbit Thruster slipped inside me with ease as I thought, this one isn’t very challenging in girth or length and I hoped it wasn’t going to be a prelude to its performance.  Once inside me I pressed the on button for the rabbit and it started to hum away quite pleasantly against my clit.


That felt good, now for the thrusting action.  The first speed was mild so I ramped it up to the third setting which felt good.  I could feel the head massaging against my g-spot, how I longed for a forth setting but three would have to do.  In fact felt fine.  ;0

The clit vibe needed to be boosted and I found the third speed setting to be gum tinglingly good.  I decided to add to the thrusting action by moving the Thruster Rabbit in and out of it’s hole just a little, keeping contact with those bunny ears on my clit.

I had found the perfect combination for me.  The clit vibe was running up and down the side of my clit buzzing away and the thrusting head was fucking me nicely.  As I watched the explosions illuminate the sky with colour I felt my own internal incendiary devices kicking in to action as my toes and fingers started to tingle.

For a small rabbit, or should I say bunny this vibe really packs a surprising punch and moments later my hand was moistened by my orgasm and my potty mouth had fired out some naughty words.  😉

This rabbit vibrator is an unchallenging vibrator for a newbie to toys but still packs a punch for an old pro like me.  A good all rounder which is reasonably priced.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.