Nexus Silo
Nexus Silo

The Nexus Silo is a very simple anal sex toy and therefore you’d think a sex toy review like this would be very easy. Well in a way it is but as with all anal sex toys like this silicone butt plug you first need to add a good quality lube, otherwise things would be far from easy.

You see despite the simplicity of this piece of soft and beautifully formed silicone it is a seriously potent male G Spot massager. The male G Spot or P Spot as I feel it’s more appropriately called is the key to some pretty intense orgasms – so long as the sex toy you are using is well designed, like this one. Shape is everything because shape determines where the plug applies pressure within your ass and Nexus know exactly where the pressure should be applied.

I tried the Silo on my own and spent a while relaxing, I could tell from the shape of this particular Nexus model that it l would be a bit of a challenge to insert. The tip of the toy slipped in easily but the bulbous main body of this butt plug took quite a while to work into place.

It was a relief when it did so because this toy is, at its widest, at the very limit of what I can take in my ass. The neck is wide too so as it was drawn in my ring was still stretched open a little. As is usual with anal sex toys I waited to let my body become accustomed to the shape and size of the Silo before continuing.

Alas waiting could not change the fact that the intensity of this surprisingly bulky plug was too much for me. I carefully removed it, with not a little regret as there’s a certain amount of excitement when I’m pushing the anal limits like this because the reward can be a mind-blowing orgasm. But I had to accept defeat.

This is a beautifully made and intensely stimulating sex toy. The moulding of the soft but firm silicone is perfect with no visible moulding lines and a lovely, almost silky finish that holds lubricant well. For a user at the high end of intermediate this would be a great sex toy but for me it’s just a little too big.

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By Suze

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