Oden Lelo Insignia SenseMotion Review
Oden Lelo Insignia SenseMotion Review

Male sex toy reviews are always better when I’m testing something a bit different. Sadly it’s quite rare that I test a male sex toy that has something a little bit different. There are some great male sex toys out there that are refinements of existing designs and ideas but you have to wait around to get one that makes you think –nice!

The Oden from the Lelo Insignia Sense Motion range is one such toy. It’s a cock ring, that Lelo like to describe as a couple’s ring. Of course any cock ring should be a sex toy for couples to enjoy but very often they end up helping the guy stay up and vibrating his naughty bits with little direct impact on his partner.

The Lelo Oden is very different. For a start this male sex toy will not help you maintain an erection. What it actually does is hook around the base of your cock with its little tail and therefore will fit any girth of penis. For me this is great because while I don’t think of myself as gargantuan the thickness of my erect penis means many cock rings can be uncomfortable to wear, a design like this means the vibrating engine of the toy can be snuggly nestled against my balls without causing the veins in my cock to feel like they are about to burst.

So a little explanation of the toy itself is in order I think before I go on to describe how it performed.

The surface of the Oden is made from high quality silicone that’s has a nice matt finish, perfect for lube. You may not think that lube is necessary for a toy like this but it can pull at sensitive parts of your partner’s anatomy especially during prolonged sexual antics 😉

The vibrating bullet is rechargeable and I found that a charge of just half an hour seemed to have the Oden ready for action, though the manual says up to two hours is required. The charging light had stopped flashing so I ignored the manual and got straight down to it.

Oh, you charge the toy by unscrewing the vibrating bullet section from what I can only describe as a tail and then plugging the compact charging unit into the bullet. When reassembled the toy looks like a little black sperm. Just thought I mention that.

The really interesting thing about the SenseMotion Insignia toys from Lelo is that they have a separate control unit that pairs up with the toys in the range and gives remote controlled operation of the vibrating toy – hang on I hear you cry, that’s nothing new. No the remote part of the control isn’t. What is new and such great fun is that the remote control unit uses solid state gyroscopes to sense the orientation of the control and uses this to change the intensity of the vibrations delivered by the Oden couple’s ring. Admittedly there are six pulsing and vibrating modes that can be set using the control but they will be pretty superfluous when you start using the SenseMotion feature – every movement of the controller varies the sensation delivered by the Oden.

Suze loved it and so did I. It’s the first toy we’ve tested where one partner can intuitively control the sensations delivered by a sex toy worn by the other. I was minded of the Theremin musical instrument where movements of your hands alter the pitch and reverb produced and a wave of the hand, a flick of the wrist or a rhythmic movement can create amazing results.

That sums up the Oden.

While we screwed she conducted an orgasmic symphony using the control unit to stimulate my cock without any though for which button to press – the Sense Motion technology means that once you’ve set the toy to the correct mode modulation of pleasure is totally intuitive.

The Oden is responsive and easy to use. Being rechargeable means you don’t have to worry about batteries for the bullet, though strangely the control unit needs 2 AAA batteries!

You can enjoy this toy on your own but it really comes into its own when you use it as a couple. In a way that we’ve not experienced before it becomes part of your love making and gives you total control without the need to memorise complex controls. Brilliant!

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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