Nexus Revo
Nexus Revo

Sex toy reviews of new products have to be carefully written to avoid the hyperbole that often accompanies the arrival of the toy. So when the people at Nexus start using phrases like “Male Equivalent to the Rampant Rabbit” warning bells start to sound. Don’t get me wrong here I think the people at Nexus produce some of the best male sex toys available but to compare any new toy to a seminal product like the Rampant Rabbit demands a fantastic toy to back it up.

The Nexus Revo is made from silicone and ABS plastic. It’s an anal sex toy that vibrates, but more importantly places a rotating silicone coated head right on your P Spot when in use. The toy runs on 2 AA batteries and I found it to be powerful but pretty quiet in use.

I’ll point out a few things about the unit I was sent at this point. It was a pre-production prototype, the silicone wasn’t quite as soft as the production models will be and the battery compartment was in no way waterproof. A state of affairs that I’m sure Nexus will have addressed in the production units. Also the explanatory text I received with the toy made clear that the head of the production units will rotate slightly faster than the one I tested – 20 rotations per second.

I used some good quality anal lube cream with this toy to ensure smooth entry and comfortable use. I found that I could insert best in a squatting position, the head of the toy sliding easily inside me and the rest just requiring a momentary pause for my body to relax before a firm push slid it home. Immediately I felt filled inside and out.

Let me explain.

In my experience anal sex toys owe their effectiveness more to shape than sheer size and Nexus know what shapes work. This is a medium sized anal toy and would work quite nicely for me on its own as a simple butt plug, so in place I could feel the pleasant sensation of its head rubbing my prostate through the wall of my colon. Because of the rotating mechanism, vibrator and batteries being housed externally in the base you also feel like there is a comfortable but filling mass parting your butt cheeks. This was great for two reasons, firstly it’s weirdly satisfying to feel it pressing against your buttocks as well as the pronged silicone perineal stimulator against the soft skin behind your scrotum, but also it allows you to grip the toy.

Suze as always wanted to watch so she sat in front of me playing with her favourite clit vibe while I watched her, watching me and stroked my cock quickly to erection. I hadn’t turned on the Nexus Revo until now. Full erect and dribbling slightly I could already feel myself clenching the Revo involuntarily as I worked on my throbbing shaft. When I did activate the toy using the simple button on the base which nestled just under my balls I was treated to a feast of sensory pleasure.

First the shaft rotated and massaged my prostate, on the next press  steady but strong vibration accompanied the vibration then on the third press the vibrations began to escalate and diminish making me groan. I love the escalating mode!

I gripped the Revo tight to give the toy’s mechanism the best leverage to rub my P Spot and feasted my eyes on the sight of Suze reaching orgasm on her clit her eyes fixed on my dribbling cock.

The orgasm that I experienced dovetailed into Suze’s so that as she was just coming back to her senses I started to grunt and groan loudly. There was no holding it back, I felt animal, loud, an instinctive urge to vocalise my deep fulfilling pleasure. I started to squirt cum and looked down to see Suze cupping her hands to catch the hot viscous fluid that would otherwise have hit the bed sheets.

This Revo has easily earned its place in my favourites box and the only way I can see it being displaced is if the nice people at Nexus send me one of the production units that promise to be just a tiny bit better.

So is the Nexus Revo the “Male Equivalent to the Rampant Rabbit”? Well I don’t know. Personally I found it sensational and would recommend it to any guy wanting to try out prostate stimulation. It’s not too big, locks firmly into place and stimulates your prostate with a powerful hands-free massage that delivers deeply, deeply satisfying orgasms. The only thing that will stop it from ending up in every guy’s bedside drawer is that not every male has been educated in just how amazing male P Spot stimulation can be.

In summary I think Nexus have a winner in the Revo. The key for Nexus is making sure that men across the world find out about it!


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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