Doc Johnson i Vibe Rabbit
Doc Johnson i Vibe Rabbit

It’s a strange phenomena but I never tire of testing and creating a sex toy review of rabbits because there is such a diverse range of bunnies on offer these days.

As I look at the I Vibe I can’t help but think that all those buttons on the control panel almost ensure that I am about to have a pleasurable experience.  😉  This theory being I suppose – more options available the greater the chance of finding one that does it for you.

This rabbit promises a little bit more than your standard rabbit vibrator in that there are 3 additional functions which control the clit vibration patterns as well as the rotational settings of the rabbit’s shaft.

Initially the control panel on the front of the Doc Johnson I Vibe Rabbit seem a little like the controls on something from NASA but as you study them in greater detail it all becomes apparent why there are so many buttons.

It also helps if you have spent a number of years in IT.  Lol

I was ready for a challenge and a little exquisite stimulation on this cold dank day, something to get me going for the day.  Alex had just left and I could smell his presence on his pillow next to me.

My I Vibe was cold when I retrieved it from my draw.  I placed it between my legs to take on my warmth, a familiar scenario but a proved one.  😉

Let me tell you about the Doc Johnson I Vibe whilst he warms to me.

  • Offers independent clitoral and shaft rotation at the touch of a button.
  • With multi speed settings of both clitoral stimulation and rotating shaft your pleasure is ensured.
  • Has 3 functions for quick selection of clitoral and shaft patterns of stimulation.
  • Being waterproof means you can take it from bedroom to bathroom for uninterrupted pleasure.
  • Flexible clitoral stimulator ensures adjustable and comfortable stimulation.
  • Operates with 4 x AA batteries.

It felt nice, and warm, and snugly under the duvet and I wasn’t about to be jumping out of bed in a hurry.  The central heating was doing its best to deliver but I wasn’t ready to rise just yet.  Not when there was some fun to be had in bed.

I look upon mornings like these as clocking on but not in the conventional sense.  Yes, I was at work testing toys but not quite physically there yet.  It’s so good to be able to work from home, then again I don’t think sitting playing with a vibrator at 8am behind my desk would have gone down too well in previous positions.  Lol

My I Vibe was now a little more body friendly in terms of temperature, placing the tip against my flesh didn’t make me jump so I knew I was ready to go and I certainly felt ready for a bit of morning “would” action.

Knowing the grabbing effect of the I Vibes compound I decided to apply a drop of water based lube to the tip and I smeared it around the head of the vibrator.  Jelly vibes tend to grab and unless you are soaking wet I do advise that you do the same and add a little lube before play.

As I pushed the relatively cool, lubed tip inside me I felt its girth fill me but not over stretch me, a nice comfortable feeling of being penetrated without being challenged.  Before penetration I had memorised the control panel and its functions something I like to do although some may be happy to look down between their legs during play, I prefer to lay back and think of…cuming!

Initially I pressed the “On” buttons for both the clit vibe and shaft to see how they felt on their default.   The constant rotation and clitoral vibration felt good but I knew this vibrator could offer me more.   I’m such a pleasure whore.  😉

I pressed the F2 button and OMG are you kidding!  This was massaging my inner vaginal walls and giving my clit a vibratory experience I hadn’t had before.  Not only was my vagina being massaged one way then the other but my clit was being teased with a vibratory pattern which worked for me.

Toes curled, back arched and I was there…


You got me…

I was coming, no holds barred, noisily, honestly, enjoying fucking myself on this dull October day and if you don’t like it you can…

The i Vibe is an unchallenging size which would work for moderate to pro users with good memory for buttons or the ability to check between their legs for operational comfort.  This vibe isn’t one of the quietest I have used but it does deliver in terms of power.  So ensure you use this when you don’t have overnight visitors and when the kids are asleep.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.