Vibe Therapy Exhilaration
Vibe Therapy Exhilaration

The clean lines and distinctive look of the Vibe Therapy range conspire to impress.  The packaging is not overly embellished with the front of the box featuring an image of the contents and the rear a multi lingual bullet pointed guide to what the Exhilaration has to offer.

A glimpse of the Exhilaration can be caught when you open the front of the box by releasing the magnetic clip which secures the lid.

Once the contents are removed you are presented with the user manual which is multi lingual too and petite.  Possibly created for Liliputians because it is illegible if you need ocular assistance.  Lol

I sought the aid of my trusty magnifying glass which is within reach for such occasions, this isn’t uncommon for sex toy manuals to be printed in tiny point sizes.

It was great to read that this rabbit vibrator doesn’t just vibrate but offers a rotating, squirmy shaft which gives you an internal massage.  The rotational setting has 3 speeds or can be turned off all together if things become a little too much.  😉

So what does the Vibe Therapy Exhilaration have to offer a girl like me.

  • Offers a collection of vibration programs including constant vibration x 1, escalating vibration x 1 and 3 x pulsating vibrations.
  • The rotating shaft is independently controlled and gives you the option of 3 x rotational speeds and also the option to turn off the rotations.
  • Has a separate On/Off button for quick termination should you be disturbed whilst having some me time.
  • Features a 3 x button interface which illuminates for use under the duvet.
  • Operates via 3 x AAA batteries.
  • Is quiet and powerful in operation.
  • Has an insertable length of 12cm and a circumference of 11cm.

I took my black beauty to the bathroom for a quick wash and brush up with antibac soap before retiring to my boudoir.

Having removed the kitteh from my bed (experience tells me not to play with the cat in the room. Lol) I pulled the curtains to just in case the neighbours should be passing.

Within moments I was naked and under the duvet.  Then back out again because it was too hot.  I decided to lay on top of the duvet with legs akimbo.  Making play unrestricted.

Penetration felt good as the black silicone shaft pushed its way inside me.  Slick and smooth the black silicone plunged my depths with an accompanying feeling of satisfaction of being filled.  This was further enhanced with the feeling of g-spot stimulation as the rotating head got to work on me.  😉

The pulsation mode was really doing the do for me by now, low thrumming vibes against my clitoris felt good.  Now time to hit the rotation button.

Although the Exhilaration rotates it doesn’t quite make the positive contact a more curved shaft would but you can certainly feel the “wiggle”.  A pleasant movement deep inside you, gently massaging your vaginal walls whilst that clit vibe vibrates a very excited clitoris.

Resisting the urge to add to the experience with a slight turning from side to side of the vibrator I lay back and enjoyed the experience.  Something I don’t usually do but the Exhilaration doesn’t need any embellishment just lay back and enjoy.

And I did…

The combination of shaft movement and pulsing clitoral stimulation brought me to the edge and pushed me over.  Aware that the neighbours were at home enjoying the Easter break I stifled my cries of delight as I came, just twitching as my clitoris became sensitive following orgasm.

With several ways to use this vibrator I’m sure it would appeal to all levels of user but be aware that the Vibe Therapy Exhilaration has a substantial girth.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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