The Deluxe Perfect Plug
The Deluxe Perfect Plug

The Deluxe Perfect Plug from Pipedream’s anal fantasy collection is made from a single piece of seamless silicone. Its length is just under 20cm with a maximum diameter of 2.5-3cm depending on how you measure it.

Getting it out of the box I grabbed the plug, still wrapped in its sealed plastic bag by holding the thin, flappy tail with a ball on the end and my heart sank. I’ve used silicone anal toys with “perineum stimulators” like this before and that’s the bit of the toy that doesn’t work. However when I read the product details on the box I realised that Pipdream don’t claim it’s a perineum stimulator at all, the tail of the The Deluxe Perfect Plug is just for removal. That means they’ve made sure the anal section of the toy works properly.

First of all let me cover the finish and construction.

Outside the silicone of the The Deluxe Perfect Plug is finished with a silky sheen that takes and holds lubricant perfectly. The contours are smooth and seamless so washing your water based lubricant from the toy after use is easy too. The two bulbous sections of the shaft are different sizes, the slightly larger prostate stimulating section being at the tip while the one nearer the base is positioned perfectly to hold the butt plug in place when inserted. Inside the insertable shaft is a stiffener from the feel of it giving the soft and comfortable silicone the support it needs to press on your P Spot.

So is this a butt plug or a P Spot stimulator. Well both as women will enjoy the filling and semi-rigid form of the Deluxe Perfect Plug whereas men will feel the P Spot stimulation in addition to the feeling of fullness. This P Spot massager is not so specialised that only men can enjoy it.

When inserted the The Deluxe Perfect Plug stays in place during masturbation in any position and during sex, indicating that for me at least it matched my anatomy really well. Of course like all anal toys it enhances climax for me too, which is after all the point 😉

Finally the Deluxe Perfect Plug comes with a “5 piece prep kit” consisting of two finger sleeves, some AnalEaze desensitising cream to relax and numb your anus before use, lube (essential for all anal toys though the lube in the kit is only good for one use) and some anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Personally I don’t use AnalEaze. Learn to relax yourself and enjoy the feeling of anal sex toys like this one, if that means you have to slowly become accustomed to the insertion of more of the toy over several sessions then so be it. The anus and rectum can be damaged and if you’re numb then you’ll not be able to feel it if you’re trying too hard. See our guide to using anal sex toys here for more information.

Deluxe Perfect Plug Summary

Easy to clean, easy to lube and effective with the added extract of the anal prep kit and a low price the The Deluxe Perfect Plug more than delivers bang for your bucks. Don’t let the low price tag fool you this is an anal sex toy well worth considering if you enjoy anal stimulation.


By Suze

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