Lelo Tiani 3 Couple's Vibrator
Lelo Tiani 3 Couple’s Vibrator

This company never fails to impress with its quality packaging with clean lines and uncluttered information.  The black glossy outer box features graphics of the Tiani 3 SenseMotion, whilst the side offers multilingual bullet pointed features.

The inner matt black box complete with the word LELO on the lid reveals the Tiani 3 SenseMotion & control unit mounted in black velveteen insert with the charger at the far end.  Whilst under the insert you will find a sachet of lubricant, Product Registration card to register your 1 year warranty & 10 Year Quality Guarantee, remote opening key and multilingual user manual for the SenseMotion range of products.  Additionally I was pleased to find a set of batteries for use with the remote.

Lelo have a habit of inspiring the industry with their technology and inspirational products and the new SenseMotion range has conspired to keep up their reputation. They have brought a brand new concept to the sex toy industry.  Gone are the tawdry push button interfaced vibrators that we have all used.

The SenseMotion range, including the Tiani 3 SenseMotion allows the user to remotely control their sex toy with the aid of a dish like control which when moved operates the vibratory functions of the toy it controls.  This means that a good shaking can produce constant, strong vibration whilst a steady rock to & fro offers intermittent vibrations.

Having said all that I wasn’t very impressed with the first incarnation of the Tiani, I opted to not review it rather than report that the remote simply didn’t work.  Cutting out when anything got in the way of the receiver (vibrator) resulting in the vibrations discontinuing when labia or your partner came between the vibrator & the control.

This lead to me being increasingly frustrated as the Tiani came on, then off, then…well, you can guess the rest.

I have high hopes for a much improved transmission strength with this remote given that it’s their 3rd attempt at motion controlled vibrations.  It does leave me sincerely hoping this time they have cracked it with the Tiani 3 SenseMotion and it won’t be resigned to the bin.

I’m not going to ponder that though as not to sway my review of this later (hopefully, improved version).

This couple’s vibrator is designed to be worn with the slimmer end inside the woman during sexual intercourse so you both feel the benefit of its quiet vibrations.

You can read the rundown of the Tiani 3 SenseMotion ’s features below whilst I check if she is charged.  During charging the light in the business part flashes and goes off when fully recharged.

  • Has remote which can be programmed to be used manually or in the “SenseMotion” mode.
  • Offers 8 vibration patterns including 2 x constant, 2 x pulsing, 2 x escalating and 2 x movement controlled.
  • Is fully waterproof for extended bathtime play.
  • The wireless remote control has a range of up to 12m.
  • Has an overall length of 7.5cm, an insertable length of 6.25 and a diameter of 4cm.

Unlike the We Vibe 4 which I reviewed a while ago, the Tiani 3 SenseMotion has a flexible curve to assist in insertion and wearability.  Whereas the We Vibe was quite “fixed” in its shape and not very accommodating.  This will hopefully conspire to be a more comfortable encounter.  😉

Great the light has stopped flashing.


I met with him on the landing and passed him the remote control and he smiled knowingly.  We both reclined on to the mattress sans duvet and I reached over for some water based lubricant.  Never attempt to use the Tiani 3 SenseMotion without or you may end up with his manhood being grazed.

Alex applied a generous blob of lube to the insertable end of the Tiani 3 Sensemotion and eased it inside me.  It felt comfortable being inserted and to wear.  That flexible shaft really does make a difference.

Moments later Alex was hovering above me and I added a finger to the top of the Lelo Tiani 3 just to help her stay in place.  He managed to plunge deep inside me comfortably and the Lelo Tiani 3 remained in place as he started to move in and out of me.

The remote had been previously paired by Alex to work in the SenseMotion mode and I started to flail my hand around to the side of both of us.  A responsive vibration commenced and it felt good when accompanied by a hard cock hammering inside me.

Alex’s face showed his pleasure as he continued to rhythmically fuck me.  😉

Using a combination of up/down, side to side and round and round I enjoyed a delicious combination of escalating and pulsating vibrations.  This man & machine combo was certainly working for me as I took a grip of Alex’s shoulder deliberately digging my nails in with my free hand whilst the other whipped up a storm between my legs.

I can only describe the duet of pleasure as being orgasmic.

And I came…quickly followed by Alex who grunted in time with his slow deliberate finishing strokes.

Tiani 3 SenseMotion Summary

This vibrator is a vast improvement on previous models and certainly delivers without transmission failure.  And also feels comfortable to wear when engaging in sexual intercourse.  It ticks all the boxes and will be taking up residence in my bedside drawer.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.