Spartakus From Adrien Lastic
Spartakus From Adrien Lastic

The Spartakus from Adrien Lastic is a sex toy for couples that tries to stand out from the crowd. It does this by being very different from most couple’s vibrators and better than similar, multi-vibrator cock rings. Departures like this from tried and tested formulas can be risky for a manufacturer but sticking with the same-old designs is boring and doesn’t differentiate your products so it has to be the way forward for an innovative company like Adrien Lastic.

To summarise the features of the Spartakus:

The “top” vibrating bullet is housed inside the silicone body of the Spartakus. It has two functions and transmits its power along your shaft via a rigid ABS plastic rib inside the silicone cock cage.

The lower “Ball” bullet has five functions and nestles in the silicone between your cock and balls.

Below that a scrotal ring slips over the base of your testicles to hold them firmly but comfortably.

Getting into the Spartakus, double-ringed cock ring was easier than I thought, so with a little lubricant I found myself trussed up and slightly erect in its tender embrace in no time. I can have problems with cock rings being too tight and that was my other concern as I started to become fully hard but the size and the elasticity of the silicone meant I was fully erect and ready to rock quickly. There was no discomfort and a very pleasurable feeling from the scrotal ring that gently tugged my balls forward.

Activating the bullets completed the preparation so sex was the next step.

The Spartakus presents your erect penis, supports and stimulates it all at the same time because of the inner rigidity mentioned above. The lower bullet tickles you balls too. So equipped with a trussed-up and vibrating set of genitalia I started to enjoy the Spartakus during sex.

I made sure I was suitably lubed up because even lovely soft silicone can drag a little and found that overall the experience was a good one. Suze enjoyed it more than me because in whatever position we tried she could feel the vibrations from the Spartakus but for me there was a problem. Despite the vibrations feeling good, the oddly pleasant sensation of the silicone cock cage and the tugging at my balls one thing wasn’t comfortable. During sex the skin of my penis rolled back over the outside of the rigid section of the cage.

One other thing we did notice was that the upper bullet only comes into contact with the partner being penetrated at steep angles of entry. Obviously this does keep the bullet out of the way so it’s not colliding with your partner as you thrust in and out but when you do want to make contact you find yourself in odd positions.

So in summary while the Spartakus from Adrien Lastic wasn’t an unqualified success for us it scores highly on a lot of points. The silicone material is nice and comfortable as well as being hypoallergenic and apparently durable. The multiple vibrating bullets mean more stimulation even if for us at least the positioning wasn’t quite there. This isn’t uncommon for any type of sex toy that has more than one function or point of stimulation as we’re all different shapes and sizes.




By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.