Vibe Therapy Flexire Vibrator
Vibe Therapy Flexire Vibrator

The Flexire is presented in Vibe Therapy’s practical, no fuss packaging which comprises a window fronted box displaying the vibrator within and on the rear functionality bullet points.  A quick guide to the Flexire’s functions.

Once the top of the box is opened the contents are presented in a clear plastic former complete with instructions cleaning and using the vibrator.  These are concise and can be read without the aid of a magnifying glass, a good thing in my opinion after spending many hours finding mine.  Lol

The Vibe Therapy Flexire has a long and slender neck with a g-spot curve at its tip for hitting the spot during play.  Loading the batteries is a little fiddly if you have long nails as I do, a combination of pushing and turning the round plug in the base enables access to the battery compartment.

You then have the same dexterous finger work to commit the plug back in to the base.  A couple of attempts and I had the knack.

As you may already have worked out this vibrator has a slim neck which is flexible to assist you in targeting your erogenous zones.

One thing the name doesn’t reveal is just how “affordable” the Vibe Therapy Flexire is.  At the point of writing this review it cost just £8.75 GBP.  A very good price for such a good quality vibrator.

So how would she fare in use, it’s OK being cheap but is she also cheerful?

But before I go try her out here are some points worthy of note.

  • Bathroom play is encouraged as this vibrator is fully waterproof.  Go make a big splash.  😉
  • Operates on 2 x AAA batteries, so quite a cheap date.
  • Has a long flexible neck for ease of use and targeting your sweet spot.
  • Is powerful and quiet, 2 very desirable functions.
  • With a 2 button interface for On/Off and operation of the vibratory modes, use is easy.

Right, let’s slip off to give our flexible friend an orgasmic challenge.  Lol

I decided to go both ways with this vibrator as I could see the potential of it being a good clitoral stim as well as g-spot.

Alex helpfully pulled the curtains as I removed my jeans and panties for an afternoon quickie.  We were due to go to a business meeting in the afternoon and I thought this would relax me before getting down to business. (pardon the pun.  Or not.  Lol)

He left me to concentrate on the task in hand and I wasn’t about to disappoint him.

Reclining back on top of the duvet I placed the soles of my feet together, pushing my knees down to the bed.  I find this position works well for both penetrative play and clitoral as you are “open” to enjoyment.  😉

The melody of The Best Of The 80’s cd drifted its way in to the bedroom as Alex listened to Human League’s Don’t You Want Me Baby.  Halcion days…good memories came flowing as I licked the tip of the Flexire.

Parting my flushed labia exposed my swelling clitoris and the touch of cool silicone was welcomed.  I pressed the On button, quickly followed by the first press of the vibration pattern control.  A buzzing engulfed my clitoris and I wanted more.

Several presses later (I was in no position to count) I found the mode I was looking for.  A deep pulsing vibration rippled through my clitoral hood and reverberated on my bundle of nerves.  An agreeable buzzing of my clitoris soon had me in the grasp of an orgasm.

And I came, loud and proud!

Eager to repeat the sensation I plundered my pussy with the vibrator.  It came to rest against my g-spot and with a few dexterous motions in and out I was there once again.  On the cusp of something knee wobblingly good.

What can I say?

This vibrator represents good value for money and is sure to please all levels of user.  An excellent first timer’s toy too.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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