E-Stim Remote
E-Stim Remote

The E-Stim Remote comes in the familiar E-Stim black plastic case that somehow says “I mean business.” On the front of the case you’ll notice an “As used on TV” something that few sex toys can actually claim because let’s face it while a lot of people talk about sex toys on programmes from Loose Women, to Sex in The City to debates about Fifty Shades of Grey, most of the time actually seeing a sex toy used is well, almost unheard of. In this case the E-Stim Remote has been used to electrocute the famous (Ant and Dec on their TV show), and the not so famous in the UK Big Brother house.

While on the TV the electric shocks are delivered for entertainment value, I mean who doesn’t like to see a well-paid entertainer zapped? For the rest of us the E-Stim remote is made for pleasure … and pain. Or at least a different form of stimulation from that delivered by your normal sex toy.

To begin you’ll need to insert the supplied 9V battery into the E-Stim remote unit that generates the electro-stim output. The remote comes with a battery pre-installed, so it’s just the larger unit that needs juicing-up. Because batteries are included there’s no scrabbling around for a suitable one or a late night trip to the 7-11 to purchase the correct size. However I did find the battery compartment a bit fiddly to open, resorting in the end to using a metal nail file to release the clip so I could fit it.

Once that was done I was able to connect the 3.5mm jack to the unit and then let Suze attach the self-adhesive pads either side of the base of my penis and connect the leads to it. Now for the interesting bit.

There are 5 modes, each of which can deliver stimulation at 21 different levels from the gentlest of tingles to intense sensation that will instigate a very strong and involuntary response caused by galvanism. Which simply means you are controlled at the most basic and primeval level.

Fire mode only delivers a pulse when the fire button on the remote is pressed. Continuous and pulse speak for themselves. In motion mode the receiver activates if the wearer (you can wear the device while moving about because of a belt clip) moves – and it’s very sensitive so be careful. In motion mode the fire button on the remote will also fire the receiver too. Finally training mode sets the up and down buttons to trigger 33% and 66% pulses on the receiver with the red fire button delivering 100% pulses. Ouch!

The buttons on the remote are worthy of note. Because you can feel them in total darkness, being a triangle, circle and a square. Nice design.

Next we tested the range of the remote control and I have to say it was impressive. We live in a large house, the master bedroom being a fair distance from the four corners of the property. So far in fact that we bought a phone with four handsets and an intercom so we can contact each other easily. By Suze calling me from one of the handsets and operating the remote we were able to ascertain that even through brick walls the range of the remote is far in excess of what we could have imagined, about 15 metres plus an intervening floor and brickwork. That gives you scope for plenty of remote controlled fun.

Adding the E-Stim Remote Control to your electrostim toy box allows you to play with your partner and the types of stimulation you give them in ways that a wired stimulator simply can’t facilitate. This unit is compatible with all the fun stimulating gear in the E-Stim range from the simplest self-adhesive pads to the new Python and Vypers recently added to the company’s offerings.

An interesting feature of the E-Stim Remote system is that one remote can control multiple receivers and each receiver can be taught to responde to multiple remotes. So there is no limit as to the range of play between master and sub or indeed masters and subs that you can imagine.

E-Stim Remote Summary

This is not designed as a “friendly” introduction to electrostim because like all E-Stim products it’s without pretension and doesn’t try to make itself out to be something other than it is with “couple friendly” or “female friendly” packaging. But that doesn’t mean it’s not capable of a totally controllable range of stimulations from the gentlest to the most intense you can imagine.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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